7天6夜 非一般冬季北海道 札幌 & 然别湖“冰雪之村” & 网走“破冰船”(独立成团)

Valid for travellers arrived daily schedule at Sapporo Chitose Airport. 

Private Service.

4 To Go Ground Package (minimum 4 adults per booking).

6 To Go Ground Package (minimum 6 adults per booking).

8 To Go Ground Package (minimum 8 adults per booking).

FREE: Complimentary WIFI on board, 01 Bottle Mineral Water (Per Day Tour). 

Booking before 31 August 2019.

New Chitose (Arrival) - Lake Shikaribetsu

Arrival Sapporo New Chitose Airport, local representative will pick up and start the journey drive around 3 hours to Lake Shikaribetsu. Today, visit to The Ice Village on Shikaribetsu Lake. There is a festival held in this area every year called Shikaribetsu Kotan, during which a small village is constructed out of snow and ice. You may experience... Onsen on the snow: You can relax in an outdoor hot bath  with a spectacular view. Ice BarEnjoy a glass of ice wine, and it features counters and pillar made of huge ice block cut out from the fronzen lake, allowing you to admire the magnificence of natural ice. Ice ChapelThe ice chapel's design is changed each year. Many real ceremonies are held here each year. Tonight, check in Hot Spring (Onsen) Hotel. Dinner will be served as buffet at hotel restaurant. After dinner, you may enjoy hot spring facilities in the resort. 

*Remarks for Hotel Accommodation in Lake Shikaribetsu: All hotels standard check in time is 1400-1500pm afternoon. 
Standard CategoryShikaribetu Kohan Onsen Hotel Fusui or similar category
Superior Category: Shikaribetu Kohan Onsen Hotel Fusui or similar category

Onsen - is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsen scattered along its length and breadth. Onsen were traditionally used as public bathing places and today play a central role in directing Japanese domestic tourism.

Yukata -  is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined. Yukata are worn by both men and women. People wearing yukata are a common sight in Japan, it is ready in room for you to experience it, you are welcome to wear it during your entire stay in resort or before heading to bath in onsen. 

Caution! Do not enter an onsen or hot spring or bath facility under the following circumstances, 

  • Bathing in high temperature baths with high blood pressure, heart conditions and/or a high degree of arterial sclerosis.
  • Bathing in high temperature baths or bathing for a long period of time during the first and final stages of pregnancy.
  • Bathing just before and just after eating.
  • Bathing after you have consumed alcohol.
  • Bathing immediately after participating in sports activities.
  • When your physical condition and health is weak.
Transfer Travel by Van (Maximum 8 persons per van)
Meals Lunch at local restaurant, Dinner in Hotel
Hotel Hotel in Lake Shikaribetsu
Lake Shikaribetsu - Lake Akan

Breakfast serve at hotel, visit to Kofuku Station. Kofuku Station is a former station in Kofuku-cho, Obihiro city. Because this is a lucky station name (kofuku means happiness in Japanese language), people became popular to get a ticket that the station name was written on. Then, proceed to Ryugetsu Cake House. You have a chance to taste a Hokkaido fresh cake. After lunch, start a Snow Activities in Lake Akan. You may experience 3 in 1 Combo which are included Snow Mobile for 1 km ride, Snow Banana Boat for 1 ride and Ice Fishing. Tonight, stay at Lake Akan Hotel, you may enjoy hot spring facilities in the resort.

Remark: Snow Activities and location always subject to snow condition. If unable to perform, will replace to Okurayama Point (included cable car) in Sapporo City (Cable car always subject to weather condition).

*Remarks for Hotel Accommodation in Lake Akan: All hotels standard check in time is 1400-1500pm afternoon. 
Standard Category: Hotel Gozensui or similar category
Superior Category: New Akan Hotel or similar category

Transfer Travel by Van (Maximum 8 persons per van)
Meals Breakfast in Hotel, Lunch at local restaurant, Dinner in Hotel
Hotel Hotel in Lake Akan
Lake Akan – Lake Kussharo - Shiretoko

Breakfast serve at hotel, visit to Lake Kussharo, is a beautiful caldera lake in Akan National Park. With a circumference of 57 kilometers it is the park's largest lake. Various outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and cycling, can be enjoyed around the lake. In winter the lake becomes home to hundreds of overwintering whooper swans that fly south from Russia. Then, visit to Mount Io, is an active volcano in the vicinity of Kawayu Onsen. Its yellow, sulfurous vents can be viewed from a close proximity as visitors are free to walk around the steaming, smoking area. Then, visit to Lake Mashuis called “The Lake of Mist” as a thick layer of fog obscures the surface at times. However, when the fog dissipates, the true beauty of one of the most pristine lakes in the world. Thereafter, proceed to Oshinkoshin Water FallAlso known as Twin Beauties Waterfall, because the waterfall splits into two parts about halfway down. Tonight, stay at Shiretoko Hotel, you may enjoy hot spring facilities in the resort.

*Remarks for Hotel Accommodation in Shiretoko: All hotels standard check in time is 1400-1500pm afternoon. 
Standard Category: Hotel Gozensui or similar category
Superior Category: Daiichi Hotel or similar category

Transfer Travel by Van (Maximum 8 persons per van)
Meals Breakfast in Hotel, Lunch at local restaurant, Dinner in Hotel
Hotel Hotel in Shiretoko
Shiretoko – Abashiri - Sounkyo

Breakfast serve at hotel, experience Shiretoko Drift Ice Walking, experience “walk” on drift ice and ”Touch” the drift ice. No need to worry about the cold, as our special dry suits will both keep you warm and help you float in the clear waters of the Sea of Okhotsk. Then, proceed to Ice Breaking Cruise. Experience the Ice Breaker Cruise and watch drift ice float across the Okhotsk sea. The shores of Okhotsk are the southernmost point where the ocean freezes (Ice Breaking Cruise are always subject to weather and ice condition, non-refundable if unable to visit). Thereafter, proceed to Silver-river Falls. Shooting-star (Ginga, Ryusei) Fall in Sounkyo. These 100m-tall waterfalls are one ofthe dynamic falls in Japan. Tonight, stay at Sounkyo Hotel.

*Remarks for Hotel Accommodation in Sounkyo / Asahikawa: All hotels standard check in time is 1400-1500pm afternoon. 
Standard Category: Mount View Hotel or similar category
Superior Category: Sounkyo Onsen Choyo Resort Hotel or similar category

Transfer Travel by Van (Maximum 8 persons per van)
Meals Breakfast in Hotel, Lunch at local restaurant, Dinner in Hotel
Hotel Hotel in Sounkyo / Asahikawa
Sounkyo - Asahikawa - Sapporo

Breakfast serve at hotel, proceed to Asahikawa. Visit to Asahiyama Zoo, a very popular zoological garden just outside of central Asahikawa City in the middle of Hokkaido. Then, visit to Otokoyama Sake Museum, the history of one of Japanese traditional industries: Sake making. In the museum, you can see Utamaro's ukiyoe, and many important items from the Edo period. There is sake making equipment, sake literature, sake bottles and glasses. Thereafter, drive around 2 hours journey back to Saporro City. Then, shopping time at Tanuki Koji, a ten block long outdoor shopping arcade with everything ranging from clothing, jewelry and souvenirs to nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, conveniently running East to West in the Odori Area in central Sapporo.

*Remarks for Hotel Accommodation in Sapporo: All hotels standard check in time is 1400-1500pm afternoon. 
Standard Category: Toyoko Inn or similar category
Superior Category: Park Hotel or similar category

Transfer Travel by Van (Maximum 8 persons per van)
Meals Breakfast in Hotel, Lunch at local restaurant, Dinner at local restaurant
Hotel Hotel in Sapporo
Sapporo (FREE DAY)

Breakfast serve at hotel, today free at own leisure at Sapporo City and meal on own expenses (excluded guide service and car usage)

*Remarks for Hotel Accommodation in Sapporo: All hotels standard check in time is 1400-1500pm afternoon. 
Standard Category: Toyoko Inn or similar category
Superior Category: Park Hotel or similar category

Meals Breakfast in hotel, Lunch & Dinner at own arrangement
Hotel Hotel in Sapporo
Sapporo - New Chitose (Departure)

Breakfast serve at hotel, free at own leisure until meeting time, transfer to Sapporo New Chitose Airport for flight departure. 

Transfer Travel by Van (Maximum 8 persons per van)
Meals Breakfast in Hotel
新千岁(抵达)- 然别湖

抵达札幌新千岁机场后,由车导接机,然后驱车前往然别湖(车程—约3小时左右),游览“冰雪之村”。冰上村可说是宛如一个冬季乐园,里头有着许许多多有趣且好玩的设施及活动。你可体验... 冰上露天溫泉:然别湖冰上村非常的贴心的为游客提供了一个全世界绝无仅有的冰上露天温泉,让各位游客们可以强烈感受到在冰天雪地中泡汤的乐趣。然这里温泉有个注意点要提醒游客们,基本上这里是「男女混浴」温泉和裸汤。冰上酒吧 - 酒吧:顾名思义这里头的一切无论是吧台或是酒架等全都是用冰所雕刻设计出来的,当然连盛酒的酒杯也是用冰制做而成的喔。后就开始有的冰上酒吧历时已也超过30年之久,然酒吧每年所推出的造型设计可都不相同呢!在位于然别湖冰上村的深处位置有座非常浪漫且梦幻的「冰之教堂」。白天透由外部的光线折射,教堂里的冰雪会闪闪发亮并带着非常浪漫的浅蓝色,而当夜晚降临时教堂内会点起蜡烛,微微火焰照映正教堂中央的雪结晶雕刻,整个就是浪漫破表呀。强烈推荐大家务必要尽量能待到晚上,亲眼见证这美丽到无法言喻的雪之教堂。另外,这个教堂不单只是让大家参观拍照使用的喔,它可是有着真正的教堂功能,因此每年都会有数对佳偶恋人在此结为连理。今晚,入住温泉旅馆。晚餐后,享用旅馆的日式温泉设施。

标准酒店: 然別湖畔温泉(或同级)
高级酒店: 然別湖畔温泉(或同级)

Onsen(日式温泉)— 是指日本风格的温泉。因为日本是一个拥有许多火山的国家,所以境内有至少上千个天然温泉。日式温泉可以分成室内温泉和室外温泉。根据日本温泉法,只要天然涌出的水含有和普通水不同的成分,即使温度不高,也能够被定义为温泉。近年放流式温泉大受欢迎,有很多温泉都以从温泉泉源百分百放流等口号作卖点来吸引温泉客。

Yukata(浴衣)— 跟一般的和服相比,浴衣较为轻便。顾名思义,浴衣是与沐浴有关的衣着;在日式旅馆的房间中都有提供,浴衣是浸过温泉或沐浴后常见的衣着。


  • 血压高,心脏疾病和/或高度动脉硬化者不宜泡温泉;
  • 怀孕初期和后期的孕妇不宜泡温泉;
  • 请勿空腹泡温泉;
  • 饮酒过量不宜泡温泉;
  • 运动过量前后不宜泡温泉;
  • 精神或身体过度疲劳不宜泡温泉。
Transfer : 乘搭休闲旅车(最多8人一台车)
Meals : 午餐:餐厅,晚餐:酒店内
Hotel : 于 然别的酒店
然别湖 - 阿寒湖



标准酒店: 御前水酒店(或同级)
高级酒店: 新阿寒酒店(或同级)

Transfer : 乘搭休闲旅车(最多8人一台车)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:餐厅,晚餐:酒店内
Hotel : 于 阿寒湖的酒店
阿寒湖 - 屈斜路湖 - 知床

早餐后,前往屈斜路湖,是北海道内仅次于猿涧湖的第二大湖,是日本最大的火山口湖。冬季湖面会结冰,但由于地热较高,会有一部分冰面融化变成热泉,所以每年会有上百只天鹅在这里休憩,让游人大饱眼福。接着,游览硫磺山,硫磺山又称“医王山”,位于北海道阿寒国立公园内,是屈斜路湖和摩周湖邻近地带的一座仍在持续活动的活火山,高约512米。是在大约1700年前由于火山爆发形成。然后,前往摩周湖,阿寒国家公园内的一个美丽湖泊,它是一个火山湖,也是全日本清澈度最高,色调最美的湖泊,许多人认为它是日本最美丽的湖泊,它清澈的深蓝色湖水让人难以忘怀,此外云霧弥漫也是摩周湖出名的特色之一。最后,游览双美瀑布,名字在爱奴语中有“从山崖上滑落的河流”的意思。 看去是一道由两条瀑布合成的大瀑布,但其实是在中间分成两条支流,因而又被称为“双美瀑布”,由80米高的岩壁上奔流而下,气势不凡,更入选为“日本百大瀑布”。今晚,入住知床酒店,享用旅馆的日式温泉设施。

标准酒店: 御前水酒店(或同级)
高级酒店: 第一酒店(或同级)

Transfer : 乘搭休闲旅车(最多8人一台车)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:餐厅,晚餐:酒店内
Hotel : 于 知床的酒店
知床 - 网走 - 层云峡

早餐后,前往体验知床流冰漫步,换上乾式防寒衣,能保暖也能浮在水面上,所以实际上即使泡在海水也不会冷还能浮在水面上。然后,登上破冰船。 破冰船体验航行于满是浮冰与粹冰的鄂霍次克大海面,体验这壮观的画面(冰量视天气而定,若无法航行,费用恕不退还)。接着,游览银河与流星瀑布。“银河瀑布”犹如白色丝绢般细腻滑落。“流星瀑布”有如夜空中闪耀的流星快速奔流,这两个各有千秋的层云峡著名景点,皆被选为日本瀑布百选。今晚,入住层云峡酒店。

标准酒店: 旭川层云峡山景酒店(或同级)
高级酒店: 朝阳度假酒店(或同级)

Transfer : 乘搭休闲旅车(最多8人一台车)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:餐厅,晚餐:酒店内
Hotel : 于 云层峡/旭川的酒店
层云峡 – 旭川 – 札幌


标准酒店: 东横INN札幌(或同级)
高级酒店: 札幌公园饭店(或同级)

Transfer : 乘搭休闲旅车(最多8人一台车)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:餐厅,晚餐:餐厅
Hotel : 于札幌的酒店


标准酒店: 东横INN札幌(或同级)
高级酒店: 札幌公园饭店(或同级)

Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐&晚餐:自理
Hotel : 于札幌的酒店
札幌 - 新千岁(出境)


Transfer : 乘搭休闲旅车(最多8人一台车)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内
Print Trip Details
Trip Inclusive
  • 06 nights' hotel accommodation as stated
  • Daily breakfasts in hotel, 05 lunches and 05 dinners
  • One way private hotel-airport departure transfer on Day 7
  • 05 full days sightseeing with entrance fee (Maximum 10 hours car usage per day) on Day 1-5
  • Mandarin speaking driver guide service
  • Private Service (Except cruise, flight, train or sightseeing public coach if any involved)
Trip Exclude
  • International air ticket
  • Individual expenses
Trip Mandatory
Agency Collection Fee 30.00 30.00
Optional Addon
Surcharge for English Speaking Driver Guide - subject to availability (Per group) 2,600.00 -
General Terms
  • Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice and/or upon hotel confirmation. This may be due to any special event and any immediate room surcharges implied by the hotel.
  • No refunds are given for any unused portion of this package or during tour.
  • An infant is not charged; hence no seat / no bed is allocated to infants. Child rate applies if a seat is required for airport transfer. Additional rate applies for hotel baby cot request.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only and visiting sequences may be different, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.
  • 12fly of Malaysian Harmony shall not be liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes beyond its control, such losses and expenses shall be borne by the clients.
  • Others 12fly terms & conditions applies.
Payment Terms
  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 500 per person
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: 20 January 2020 until 31 March 2020 (Travel must be completed by 31 March 2020)
  • Peak Season Surcharge: Friday and Saturday or Peak Season 30 January - 13 February 2020 will apply upon booking
  • Suggestion flight route: Kuala Lumpur- Sapporo Citose- Kuala Lumpur
  • Tourist Visa Exemption for Malaysian with Biometric Passports to Japan with effective from 1 July 2013
  • The above rates require a minimum of 04 persons per booking, strictly no apply for single traveler.
  • The above rates are valid for Malaysian passport; surcharge might apply for foreigner passport, subject to individual hotel surcharge.
  • Above Sapporo hotel rates are strictly applicable for packages' extension nights only.
  • For Extension night with us, free of charge for airport-hotel or hotel- airport transfer, but chargeable if own hotel arrangement
  • Breakfast for child without bed for package only, Extension/ Extra night no breakfast for child without bed.
  • Tatami Room (Japanese Room) for Hot Spring Resort, however it is subject to hotel availability, sometimes it could be Western room as quoted (There will be surcharges if change Tatami Room impose by hotel).
  • As Double Room is limited in Japan, we can request hotel to arrange but it is subject to availability.
  • Child rate based on 2-10 years old. Child 11 years old & above charged as adult fare
  • Advance booking required at least 30 working days before departure.

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