5天4夜经典济州岛&牛岛 2019-2020冬季 & 2020春夏秋季(中文散客拼团)
5D4NCJU24CH 5D4N JEJU-DO 01 DEC 2019 - 30 NOV 2020

Valid for travellers who arrive on every Tuesday & Thursday at Jeju International Airport.

2 TO GO Ground Package (Minimum 2 adults per booking).

3 TO GO Ground Package (Minimum 3-4 adults per booking).

5 TO GO Ground Package (Minimum 5-9 adults per booking).

Seat In Coach Service (Share Service).

Chinese Speaking Tour Guide.

Jeju Island (Arrival)

Upon arrival Jeju International Airport, 3:00 PM assemble at Gate 5 arrival hall, meet and greet by local guide. Then, visit to Yongduam Rock. Situated to the north of Jeju City, Yongduam was created by strong winds and waves over thousands of years. Then, you may experience Kimchi Making and Hanbok wearing. After dinner, check in to hotel for rest.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Dinner: Gamja-tang (Pork Bone Potato Stew with Pork)
Hotel Hotel With Jeju or Black Sands Hotel Jeju or similar
Jeju Island - Udo Island - Jeju Island

Breakfast serve at hotel, then proceed to Udo Island by ferry (take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes). Upon arrival, you may follow the tour guide to visit the sighseeing places: Someori Oreum (Udobong Peak) and Udo Sanho Beach (Seobinbaeksa) by free shuttle bus or free at your own leisure by renting a scooter at own expenses (Please take note that you must possess international driving licence to ride scooter). Udobong Peak (132.5m), the highest spot on the island, is a lighthouse surrounded by a spacious park. The peak offers outstanding overlooks of the island at a glance. Udo Sanho Beach is a white sand beach. The ocean here varies in colors from bright emerald to deep sapphire according to its depth. After that, transfer back to Jeju Island and proceed to Seongsan Sunrise Peak (hike up to crater closed on first Monday of every month) [UNESCO World Heritage] which are one of the brand new 7 Wonders of Nature. Where you can enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings. Then, visit to Seongeup Folk Village. The Seongeup Folk Village shows the unique culture of Jeju Island: the black lava rock walls, the straight but curvy alleys to block the wind, and the stone grandfather statues (Harubang), which have become a prime feature of the landscape. The local black-haired pigs and tongsi (pigsty / restroom) are especially well-known characteristics of Jeju folk culture. Next, visit Teseum Safari. Teseum Safari is a new concept museum, the first of its kind in the world, exhibiting stitched dolls shaped like wildlife animals, marine animals, flowers, birds and more.


  • Visit to Udo Island is subject to weather conditions, if the weather is not permitted, will change to visit Aqua Planet: Aquarium + Marine Science
  • Free at your own leisure in Udo Island until meeting time then transfer back to Jeju Island for next sightseeing place
Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size); Ferry: Jeju Island - Udo Island - Jeju Island
Meals Breakfast at hotel, Lunch at own expenses, Dinner: Ginseng Chicken Soup
Hotel Hotel With Jeju or Black Sands Hotel Jeju or similar
Jeju Island

Breakfast serve at hotel, proceed to Hallasan National Park. Also called Mt. Yeongjusan, meaning "mountain high enough to pull the galaxy," Hallasan Mountain rises up proudly from the center of Jeju Island and is perhaps the island’s most memorable landmarks. Hallasan Mountain is widely known by scientists for its geological value. Designated as a national park in 1970, there are 368 parasitic volcanoes called Oreums (peaks) around the main mountain. Continue visit to  O'Sulloc Tea Museum, explore for Korea’s traditional tea culture. The “o” in “o’sulloc”, means to appreciate and enjoy, and it also stands for the origin of sulloc, only sulloc, and of sulloc tea. Next, visit to Camellia Hill. Camellia Hill is a beautiful garden spanning 172,000 square meters. After that, proceed to Sumokwon Theme Park included entrance to Jeju Ice Museum + Bucket List 3D Art. Bucket list 3D Art, where you can take photographs of yourself in the paintings. In this ice museum, people are allowed to touch ice art crafts without any warns. Then, proceed to Mysterious Road. Mysterious Road is one of the more famous spots in Jeju. Objects on the road roll up the hill instead of moving downwards. On the surface, this upward movement appears to defy the laws of gravity but in reality, the phenomenon is just a mere optical illusion. This Mysterious Road actually has a downward slope of 3 degrees but appears to be uphill because of the higher surroundings. 

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at hotel, Lunch: Hanjeongsik Buffet, Dinner: Abalone Seafood Hotpot
Hotel Hotel With Jeju or Black Sands Hotel Jeju or similar
Jeju Island

Breakfast serve at hotel, shopping stop at Ginseng Outlet, Dietary Supplement and Cosmetic Shop for purchasing some authentic Korean local products. Then, visit to Swiss Village. With its brightly painted buildings, quaint winding road, and small artisanal shops and cafes, it’s perfect for a leisurely afternoon. Thereafter, visit Iho Tewoo Beach. After that, proceed to Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market. As one of the most popular traditional markets in Jeju, Dongmun has served countless customers, selling diverse items at inexpensive prices. Dinner at self expenses.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at hotel, Lunch: Pork BBQ, Dinner at self expenses
Hotel Hotel With Jeju or Black Sands Hotel Jeju or similar
Shopping Ginseng Outlet, Cosmetic Shop and Dietary Supplement
Jeju Island (Departure)

Breakfast serve at hotel, free shopping time at Jungang Underground Shopping Center. It is the only underground shopping arcade in Jeju Island and has over 280 stores. Shopping stop at Grocery Shop. Then,  transfer to airport for flight departure.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at hotel
Shopping Grocery Shop


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 晚餐:韩国土豆猪骨汤
Hotel : 济州岛 Hotel With Jeju 或 Black Sands Hotel Jeju 或同级
济州岛 - 牛岛 - 济州岛

早餐后,搭乘渡轮前往牛岛(约1小时30分钟)。抵达后,您可以选择跟随导游游览岛上的景点:牛岛峰(东岸鲸窟)牛岛珊瑚海边(西滨白沙)或自费租摩托车在岛上自由活动(如果您选择租摩托车,那您必须持有国际驾照)。登上岛上最高的牛岛峰(132米),它得天独厚的高度不仅可以将牛岛全景尽收眼底,甚至能眺望到城山日出峰。牛岛珊瑚海边碧蓝色的海和洁白的珊瑚白沙滩在阳光下构成一幅美好的画面。根据水深的不同呈现出不同的颜色,这里的风景丝毫不逊色于南太平洋或是地中海。之后,返回济州岛前往城山日出峰(每个月的第一个星期一顶峰的部分是关闭的,因此不允许爬上去)。城山日出峰已被列入世界自然遗产,是济州的象征之一。它由于海底火山爆发而形成,是一块高耸于海面的巨岩,其顶部有巨大的火山口,99块尖石围绕在火山口周围,远看如同一顶巨大的皇冠。城山日出峰海拔182米,从山脚爬到山顶大约需要半个小时,站在山顶可以俯瞰山下多彩的植被以及火山喷发留下的遗迹。然后,前往参观城邑民俗村,是完全保存了韩国传统的一处民俗村。这里有许多文化遗产,很好地保留了古代村庄的原貌,因而被指定为民俗村并受到政府保护。 置身民俗村,仿佛穿越回古代,可以感受原汁原味的济州风情。你在这里可以看到那看似堆得稀稀疏疏的挡风石墙(黑熔岩石),为了防止风直接进入里屋而建得又直又弯的“奥来”(窄胡同),还有成为济州岛之象征的石神像。接着,参观泰迪熊动物王国,是世界最初将大量野生动物、海洋生物、以及自然界中的动物以实际大小缝制成毛绒娃娃并与泰迪熊相结合来全新展示的泰迪熊主题乐园。


  • 如遇天气不佳,牛岛行程将被取消,将会更改游览济州水上星球水族馆:水族馆+科学馆。
  • 如果您选择在岛上自由活动,请在约定之间内与导游会面并返回济州岛前往下一个景点
Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排);渡轮:济州岛 - 牛岛 - 济州岛
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:自理,晚餐:人参鸡汤
Hotel : 济州岛 Hotel With Jeju 或 Black Sands Hotel Jeju 或同级

早餐后,前往汉拿山国立公园。汉拿山巍然耸立于济州岛的中部, 海拔1950米, 是代表济州岛的名山, 又称瀛州山,意思是高得可抓住银河。1970年被指定为国立公园,周围分布着368座寄生火山山峰。然后,前往雪绿茶博物馆。济州岛最大的茶园,了解韩国茶文化历史,品尝绿茶冰淇淋和蛋糕,是了解学习韩国传统茶文化的好去处。继续前往山茶花田。占地面积172,000平方米,拥有世界最大规模的山茶花田,这里的山茶花每年总是最先绽放、香气弥漫整个园区。接着,前往树木园主题公园含入门票参观冰雕博物馆+3D幻觉艺术照相馆。冰雕博物馆是济州第一个四季常设的室内冰雕展示馆,于2012年7月开幕。一年四季365天,不论季节、气温,全年保持零下5度。来到3D幻觉艺术照相馆,您可任意发挥自己的想象力,摆出各种姿势拍照,将自己融入画中,体验错视觉带来的乐趣。然后,前往神奇之路。这里被喻为神秘的道路或鬼神的道路。正常的情况下,在下坡停车时车辆会下滑,但是在此不会下滑反而会向上坡移动。其实这是一条倾斜度约为3度的下坡路,主要就是因为道路两旁被树木与丘陵所包围,而让人产生视觉上的错觉,以为物体在上坡路向上滑行。

Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:自助式韩定食,晚餐:鲍鱼海鲜火锅
Hotel : 济州岛 Hotel With Jeju 或 Black Sands Hotel Jeju 或同级

早餐后,参观大韩民国文化特产—人参公卖局、名牌护肤专卖店和护肝宝。之后,前往七彩小瑞士村。它是由19栋红、黄、橘抢眼色彩的可爱小屋组成的创意村落市集;楼上是民宿房,楼下则是特色小店及浪漫咖啡厅,每一个角落都充满着浓厚的文艺气息! !那一栋栋缤纷外墙的欧风建筑,不仅让你仿佛置身于欧洲小镇,拍照起来更是漂亮到无法形容。接着,前往梨湖泰乌海边。然后,前往东门传统市场。东门市场作为一家拥有悠久历史的传统市场是济州岛最具代表的市场之一。这里的海鲜市场在济州岛具有举足轻重的地位,规模庞大且品种齐全,晚餐自理。

Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:猪肉烧烤,晚餐:自理
Hotel : 济州岛 Hotel With Jeju 或 Black Sands Hotel Jeju 或同级
Shopping : 人参公卖局、名牌护肤专卖店和护肝宝


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐: 酒店内
Shopping : 土产店
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Trip Inclusive
  • 04 nights' accommodation stay
  • Daily breakfast, 02 lunches and 03 dinners
  • Round trip seat in coach airport-hotel and sightseeing transfer
  • 05 half/ full days sightseeing with entrance fee
  • Chinese speaking tour guide/ driver guide service
  • Seat In Coach Service (Share Service)
Trip Exclude
  • International air ticket
  • Individual expenses
  • Tour guide tipping (to be pay at Korea) - USD 35 per person
Trip Mandatory
Agency Collection Fee 30.00 30.00
Optional Addon
Extra transfer based on private service from Jeju airport to Jeju downtown hotel (per mini bus per way - maximum allocate 21 persons & luggage) 910.00 -
Extra transfer based on private service from Jeju downtown hotel to Jeju airport (per mini bus per way - maximum allocate 21 persons & luggage) 910.00 -
General Terms
  • Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice and/or upon hotel confirmation. This may be due to any special event and any immediate room surcharges implied by the hotel.
  • No refunds are given for any unused portion of this package or during tour.
  • An infant is not charged; hence no seat / no bed is allocated to infants. Child rate applies if a seat is required for airport transfer. Additional rate applies for hotel baby cot request.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only and visiting sequence may be different, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.
  • 12fly of Malaysian Harmony shall not be liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes beyond its control, such losses and expenses shall be borne by the clients.
  • Others 12fly terms & conditions applies.
Payment Terms
  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 100 per person
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: 01 December 2019 until 30 November 2020 (Arrival on Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Red Alert Period: Special holidays or any festival or public holidays in Korea subject to transport & hotel further surcharge upon send in booking.
  • Suggestion flight route: Kuala Lumpur - Jeju International Airport - Kuala Lumpur.
  • The above rates require a minimum of 02 adults per booking, single traveler (additional surcharge apply or apply single room rates).
  • The above rates are valid for Malaysian passport; surcharge might apply for foreigner passport, subject to individual hotel surcharge.
  • Above Jeju Island hotel rates are strictly applicable for packages' extension nights only.
  • For Extra or Extension night with us or own arrangement, chargeable for airport-hotel or hotel-airport transfer.
  • Maximum occupying with 2 adults + 2 children in a room.
  • All hotels based on similar class, final hotel confirmation will advise 1-2 days before departure date.
  • Advance booking required at least 14 working days before departure.

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