6天5夜悦游韩国 - 首尔&忠清北道&忠清南道(独立成团)
6D5NICNCCBCCN 6D5N SEOUL 01 SEP 2019 - 31 DEC 2020

Valid for travellers who daily arrival Incheon International Airport.  

Private Service.

6 To Go Ground Package (minimum 6 adults per booking).

10 To Go Ground Package (minimum 10 adults per booking).

Incheon (Arrival) - Danyang
  • For Morning arrival flight: D7 506, KE 672, KE 642, MH 66, SQ 608, OZ 752
  • Included Lunch & Dinner
  • Assemble Time 1000AM local time at Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Gate 8

Upon arrival Incheon International Airport, meet and greet by local guide, drive around 2.5 hours to Danyang. Upon arrival, lunch at local restaurant. Then, visit to Danyang Ondal Open Film Set.  The Ondal Open Film Set has been the scene of many popular Korean dramas. Then, visit to Dodamsambong Peaks. Dodamsambong are three stone peaks rising out of the Namhangang River. The big rock is called Janggunbong (Husband Rock), the rock on the left side which appears to be showing coquetry is called Cheopbong (Mistress Rock), and the rock on the right side which is turning away from the big rock is called Cheobong (Wife Rock). Then, visit to Mancheonha Skywalk which is newly open on July 2017. After dinner, check in to hotel for rest. 


  • For Noon arrival flight : D7 504, SQ 600
  • Included Dinner ONLY
  • Assemble Time 1600PM local time at Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Gate 8 

Upon arrival Incheon International Airport, meet and greet by local guide, drive around 2.5 hours to Danyang. Upon arrival, dinner at local restaurant. Then, check in to hotel for rest.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals (Morning Flight) Lunch: Potato Stew with Pork, Dinner: Danyang Garlic Friend Chicken / (Evening Flight) Dinner: Danyang Garlic Friend Chicken
Hotel Daemyung Resort Danyang or similar
Danyang - Cheongju

Breakfast serve at hotel, then proceed to visit Cheongju Cheongnamdae Presidential Villa (Closed on Monday), a presidential vacation villa located near Daecheong Dam in Cheongwon-gu, Chungcheongbuk-do. South Korean presidents would stay in this remote vacation villa 4-5 times (or sometimes 7-8 times) a year during summer vacation or national holidays. Visitors can view a music fountain inside the ecological wetland garden (990㎡), hike a 3.3km mountain trail and visit the Hoban Promenade (8km), or simply take a pleasant walk along a beautiful trail, and enjoy the scenic landscape of Daecheongho Lake. Then, visit to Cheongju Yukgeori Market, is the city's biggest marketplace. Here you'll find a variety of the freshest fish, meat and produce, as well as a selection of home wares and nick knacks. After lunch, visit to Cheongju Early Printing Museum (Heungdeoksaji Temple Site) (Closed on Monday). Here, visitors can learn about the history of the Korean printing technologies and culture. This early printing museum, located on the site of Heungdeoksa Temple in which Jikji, the world's oldest extant book, printed by movable metal type, was printed, was founded on March 17, 1992. Since the technology’s inception, Korea has substantially developed its metal-type printing methods. In this museum, approximately 650 artifacts including ancient movable metal and wooden print books from the Goryeo and Joseon periods, relics from the Heungdeoksaji Temple site and printing tools are on display. Here, visitors can learn about the history of the Korean printing technologies and culture. 

Next, visit to Cheongju Suamgol Village, one of the main locations of the drama "Cain and Abel" and a scenic spot boasting a panoramic view of the entire city of Cheongju. It is also a place that retains the look of an old traditional back street of Korea. After dinner, tonight check in to Cheongju hotel. 

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at Hotel, Lunch: Chicken Soup, Dinner: Pork BBQ
Hotel Cheongju Namoo Hotel or similar
Cheongju - Daejeon

Breakfast serve at hotel, transfer to Daejeon. Visit to Daejeon Currency Museum of Korea (Closed on Monday). The first museum in Korea to be dedicated solely to modern and ancient currencies and is open to visitors free of charge with a view of increasing public knowledge of the nation’s currency. Then visit to Ppuri Park. This park features a variety of facilities including a sculpture of family name, Sasindo (the painting of four gods) and Sibijiji (the twelve terrestrial branches)-shaped spring water, waterside stage on which various events are held, the forest park, observatory, octagonal pavilion, recreational forest and the nature observation garden. After lunch, visit to Daejeon Gyejoksan Mountain, experience bare food red clay road. Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail is the nation's first eco-healing barefoot walking trail, filled with the fresh aroma of pine needles. Visitors can also enjoy a view of downtown Daejeon from Gyejoksanseong Fortress, which was built during the time of the Three Kingdoms. Walking or even running along this 14-kilometer long trail at an altitude between 200 and 300 meters above sea level is a great way to get a healthy body and spirit. After dinner, check in Daejeon hotel.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at Hotel, Lunch: Budae Jjuigae (Korean stew), Dinner: Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap
Hotel Daejeon Lotte City Hotel or similar class
Daejeon - Asan - Yongin - Seoul

Breakfast serve at hotel, visit to Blue Crystal Village in Asan, a Mediterranean-themed tourist attraction with coffee shops, shopping, crafts, and comfortable atmosphere. After lunch, proceed to Gyeonggi Province. Visit to the famouse attraction in Gyeonggi-do: Everland Theme Park (included Free Pass Ticket), a full-filled theme park to enjoy thrilling rides and a galore of lively entertainment. Theme parks including Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia, perfect for a great amusement park. It houses diverse attractions which are available to enjoy regardless of ages, different themed festivals including Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival, Romantic Illumination, and other festivals all year long. Then, drive back to Seoul and continue shopping at Dongdaemum Market, the largest wholesale and retail shopping district in Korea. Dinner at own expenses, then check in to Seoul hotel.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at Hotel, Lunch: Self Expenses, Dinner: Palsaek Samgyeopsal
Hotel Seoul Shilla Stay Guro Hotel or similar

Breakfast serve at local restaurant, visit and stop by the local product shop: Ginseng Outlet, Dietary Supplement Outlet and Cosmetic Shop. Lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, proceed to Lotte World Tower Observation Deck. The observatory is located on the upper floors (117-123F) of Seoul’s tallest building, Lotte World Tower. Seoul Sky is designed with the concept of “The Beauty and Pride of Korea." Thereafter, shopping time at Myeondong, a major shopping district lined with quality branded goods shops. Then, visit to Love Lock @ N-Seoul Tower (excluded observation deck fee & cable car), one of the filming site of the popular Korean drama serial on 2013-2014, “My Love from the Star ” which it starring by Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun. Shopping at Duty Free Shop and dinner at own expenses. 

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at Local Restaurant, Lunch: Under The Sea Restaurant, Dinner: Self Expenses
Hotel Seoul Shilla Stay Guro Hotel or similar
Shopping Ginseng Outlet, Dietary Supplement Outlet, Cosmetic Shop and Duty Free Shop
Seoul - Incheon (Departure)

Breakfast serve at local restaurant, proceed to last minutes shopping at Grocery Shop. Then, transfer to airport for flight departure back to home.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast at Local Restaurant
Shopping Grocery Shop
仁川(抵达)- 丹阳
  • 限于早班机抵达:
  • D7 506, KE 672, KE 642, MH 66, SQ 608, OZ 752
  • 含午、晚餐
  • 集合时间:当地时间早上1000,仁川国际机场抵达厅8号出口

抵达仁川机场后,由导游接机,前往丹阳(车程—约2.5小时左右)。午餐后,游览温达开放摄影场。是曾经拍摄过《千秋太后》、《太王四神记》、《风之国度》、《渊盖苏文》等各种电视剧的著名摄影地。现在,在摄影场内展示着曾经拍摄用过的衣物和道具,并且在电视剧中出现的一些人物模型也被摆放出来,供游人合影。另外周边还有温达洞窟、主题公园、温达山城、温达馆等景点以及乡土美食餐厅。 然后,游览岛潭三峰。位于南汉江清澈碧绿江水之中的岛潭三峰以雄壮的将军峰(丈夫峰)为中心,左边是姿态阿娜的妾峰(女儿峰),右边则为反向背对而坐的妻峰(儿子峰)。相传朝鲜开国功臣郑道传在年轻时曾漫游于此,并将自己的名号称为””三峰”。接着,前往于2017年7月新开幕的丹阳天空步道。这里是忠清北道丹阳郡赤城面艾古里的万壑千峰(海拔310米)。登至顶峰,可以看见一座倾斜着的椭圆形瞭望台。瞭望台看起来像是插在绝壁顶端的一个大鸡蛋,螺旋式步行路绕着拱形钢筋建筑物四周四圈半。沿着步行路登上瞭望台,可以360度欣赏到周围的景色。 晚餐后,入住酒店休息。


  • 限于午班机抵达:D7 504, SQ 600
  • 含晚餐
  • 集合时间:当地时间傍晚1600,仁川国际机场抵达厅8号出口


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : (早班机抵达)午餐:炖马铃薯猪肉, 晚餐:丹阳大蒜炸鸡 / (午班机抵达) 晚餐:丹阳大蒜炸鸡
Hotel : 丹阳大明度假村或同级
丹阳 - 清州

早餐后,游览青南台(星期一闭馆), 历届总统在暑假和节日休假时都会到此度假,每年到此少则4~5次,多则7~8次,据统计,历届总统在20余年间共到此88次,400多天。 青南台位于忠清北道清原郡大清坝北边,是总统专用别墅,占地50万坪,名称中含有“温暖的南方青瓦台”之意。这里的湿地生态园内,设有音乐喷泉,湖畔散步路上有3.3km的登山路和散步路,在路上可看到大清湖的美丽景色。然后,前往六街市场,是清州中心街规模最大的传统市场。在这里,可以购买到农产品、食品、农具、干鱼、韩药材料、碗、嫁妆、鞋、衣物等各种商品。不仅如此,这里满溢的人文传统气息可以让人们感受到现代社会日渐流失的温暖人情。午餐后,参观清州古印刷博物馆(兴德寺址-星期一闭馆),了解古印刷文化。   清州古印刷博物馆在世界最早的金属活字印刷品《白云和尚录佛祖直指心体要节(又名直指)》诞生的清州兴德寺寺址基础上建立,于1992年3月17日正式向游人开放。为传播韩国的历史,向子孙后代传递先祖的功业,而建成的文化教育场所。博物馆旨在面向信息和文化产业发达的21世纪,通过《直指》的数据化(是一部高丽佛经,全名是“白云和尙抄录佛祖直指心体要节”,1377年在今韩国清州用金属活字印刷技术印制。这部佛经被公认为世界上最古老的金属活字本,创造人类的共同价值,通过举办世界记录文物大会、与别国印刷博物馆(德国、中国等)缔结姊妹关系,促进印刷事业的研究和发展,为弘扬先祖功业,创造更为卓越的文化产业而努力。然后,游览寿岩谷壁画村,是在韩战过后所形成的聚落,还一度被叫做难民村,至今房子的构造仍保持着数十年前的样子。在2007年时,由知名画家与多个民间团体、大学一起以"回忆巷弄旅行"为主题,在这里进行了公共艺术计画。后来因为韩剧《该隐与亚伯》在此取景,也是男女主角展开新生活的地方,开始吸引了国内的观光客,大家总指名要看苏志燮与韩志旼的壁画。晚餐后,入住清州酒店休息。

Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:鸡汤,晚餐:韩式猪肉烧烤
Hotel : 清州Namoo Hotel或同级
清州 - 大田广域市


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:部队火锅,晚餐:石头锅拌饭
Hotel : 大田乐天城市酒店或同级
大田广域市 - 牙山 - 京畿道 - 首尔


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:膳食自理,晚餐:八色五花肉
Hotel : 首尔新罗九老酒店或同级


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:当地餐厅内,午餐:海鲜自助餐,晚餐:膳食自理
Hotel : 首尔新罗九老酒店或同级
Shopping : 人参公卖局、名牌护肤专卖店、护肝宝专卖店和免税店
首尔 - 仁川(出境)


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:当地餐厅内
Shopping : 土产店
Print Trip Details
Trip Inclusive
  • 05 nights' accommodation stay Danyang, Cheongju, Daejeon and Seoul
  • Daily breakfasts, 03/04 lunches, 04 dinners (depend on your flight schedule)
  • Round trip private airport-hotel and sightseeing transfer
  • 05 full day sightseeing with entrance fee
  • Chinese speaking tour guide/ driver guide service
  • Private Service (Except cruise, flight, train or sightseeing public coach if any involved)
Trip Exclude
  • International air ticket
  • Individual expenses
  • Tour guide tipping (to be pay at Korea) - USD 42 per person
Trip Mandatory
Agency Collection Fee 30.00 30.00
Optional Addon
Extra transfer based on private service from Incheon airport to Seoul downtown hotel (per vehicle per way- maximum allocate 06 persons & luggage) 974.00 -
Extra transfer based on private service from Seoul downtown hotel to Incheon airport (per vehicle per way- maximum allocate 06 persons & luggage) 974.00 -
Extra transfer based on private service from Incheon airport to Seoul downtown hotel (per mini bus per way- maximum allocate 10 persons & luggage) 1,189.00 -
Extra transfer based on private service from Seoul downtown hotel to Incheon airport (per mini bus per way- maximum allocate 10 persons & luggage) 1,189.00 -
Additional charges for English Speaking Tour Guide (Per Person Per Package) 179.00 179.00
Additional charges for Non Shopping Stop Tour (Per Person Per Package) 745.00 745.00
General Terms
  • Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice and/or upon hotel confirmation. This may be due to any special event and any immediate room surcharges implied by the hotel.
  • No refunds are given for any unused portion of this package or during tour.
  • An infant is not charged; hence no seat / no bed is allocated to infants. Child rate applies if a seat is required for airport transfer. Additional rate applies for hotel baby cot request.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only and visiting sequences may be different, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.
  • 12fly of Malaysian Harmony shall not be liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes beyond its control, such losses and expenses shall be borne by the clients.
  • Others 12fly terms & conditions applies.
Payment Terms
  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 100 per person
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: 01 September 2019 until 31 December 2020 (Travel must be completed by 31 December 2020)
  • Red Alert Period: Special date or any festival day or public holiday in Korea subject to transport & hotel further surcharge upon send in booking
  • Block out period: Christmas & New Year Week, Chinese New Year, Cherry Blossom Season and Chuseok Holiday (Korea Mid-Autumn Festival).
  • Suggestion flight route: Kuala Lumpur - Incheon International Airport - Kuala Lumpur
  • The above rates require a minimum of 06 adults per booking, single traveller (additional surcharge apply or apply single room rates)
  • The above rates are valid for Malaysian passport; surcharge might apply for foreigner passport, subject to individual hotel surcharge
  • Breakfast for child without bed for package only
  • Above Seoul hotel rates are strictly applicable for packages' extension nights only, without breakfast
  • Advance booking required at least 31 working days before departure

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