5天4夜韩国 - 首尔&江原道&京畿道游&济州岛(两人成行散客拼团或十人成行独立成团)
7D6NSELGV2610 7D6N SEOUL 01 MAR 2022 - 30 NOV 2022

Valid for daily arrival at Seoul Incheon International Airport.

2 To Go Share Service
6 To Go Share Service
10 To Go Private Service

Incheon (Arrival) - Seoul

Upon arrival Incheon International Airport, transfer to accommodation. Hotel standard check in time in between 1300 - 1500PM. 

After check in hotel, free at own leisure time. 

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals At own expenses
Hotel Luce Bridge Hotel (Local 4 stars Hotel) or similar category
Seoul - Nami Island, Gangwon Province - Seoul

Breakfast serve at local restaurant, proceed to Gangwon Province (about 2 ++ hours drive journey). Enjoy a boat ride to Namiseom Island (subject to weather condition), the filming site of the  popular Korean drama serial, “Winter Sonata”. You may enjoy beautiful and different scenery during Spring, Summer, Autumn and even Winter season. 

After the beautiful island visit, back to Seoul and visit one of Seoul landmarks, Namsan Seoul Tower (outward view) + Love Lock site (excluded cable car and observation deck fee), was the first multipurpose tower to be established in Korea, effectively incorporating a sightseeing observatory to a broadcasting tower. For the past 40 years, Namsan Seoul Tower has served as an iconic landmark of Korea and a representative tourist attraction.

Then, free time shopping at Korea Duty Free Shop and famous central district Myeondong, a major shopping district lined with quality branded goods shops and foods. 

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast in hotel, Lunch: Chicken Dakgalbi, Dinner: Own Expenses
Hotel Luce Bridge Hotel (Local 4 stars Hotel) or similar category
Seoul - Gyeonggi-do - Seoul

Breakfast serve at hotel, meet and greet with tour guide, depart for another province of Korea, Gyeonggi-do. Geographically, Gyeonggi-do surrounds Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea and is the center and the economic hub of the country. 

First attraction will be Everland (included Free Pass Ticket), a full-filled theme park to enjoy thrilling rides and a galore of lively entertainment. Theme parks including Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia, perfect for a great amusement park. It houses diverse attractions which are available to enjoy regardless of ages, different themed festivals including Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival, Romantic Illumination, and other festivals all year long.

Then, you will bring to enjoy Fruits Picking Activity at local fruits farm, different fruits are available and depending on the season of your visit. November to June usually will be Strawberries picking 300 grams per person. End of May to mid of June might be Cherries picking at 400 grams per person. Blueberries picking is available from end of June to mid of August at 500 grams person. Grapes picking will be mid of August to mid of October available for 500 grams per persons. Note: Please choose 1 type of fruit picking at your preference and subject to availabilty of local farms upon your time of visit. 

Next, let's do the locals did, experience Korea Traditional Culture with DIY activity of Kimchi making and dress up with Hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress).

Last, free shopping time at Hongdae Shopping Street. Hongdae is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground culture, and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets, and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for local youth and a fascinating place to walk around. Then, transfer back to hotel for rest.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast in hotel, Lunch: Pork BBQ Buffet, Dinner: Own Expenses
Hotel Luce Bridge Hotel (Local 4 stars Hotel) or similar category
Seoul - Palace, Cafe & Shopping Tour

Breakfast serve at hotel, meet and greet with tour guide, depart for Gyeongbokgung Palace (closed on every Tuesday, alternatively & replace to Changdeokgung Palace)Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. After lunch, visit and stop by the local product shopGinseng OutletCosmetic Shop, Liver Supplement and Grocery Shop for purchasing some authentic Korean local products. Thereafter, back to Seoul and visit to Ikseondong Hanok Village. Ikseon-dong is gaining attention as a new attraction in Seoul. It only recently started to become a trend as young artists and entrepreneurs began to open businesses like cafes, restaurants, and handicraft shops with unique concepts and designs. Find your way through the maze-like streets of Ikseon-dong for a personal treasure hunt! Last, free shopping time at Dongdaemum Market, the largest wholesale and retail shopping district in Korea. 

Travel during Cherry Blosson Period FREE visit to Yeouido Island Cherry Avenue, subject to change according to bloom forecast.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast in hotel, Lunch: Ginseng Chicken Soup, Dinner: Own Expenses
Hotel Luce Bridge Hotel (Local 4 stars Hotel) or similar category
Seoul - Jeju Island

Breakfast serve at local restaurant, free shopping time and lunch at own expenses at Ewha Women's University Vicinity. Next, transfer to the airport for flight departure to a New 7 Wonders of Nature, Jeju Island by domestic flight. Upon arrival, dinner will be served at local restaurant and transfer to hotel check in.

Flight Domestic Flight (luggage up to 15kg) (flight schedule to be advise upon reservation)
Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast in hotel, Lunch: Own expenses, Dinner: Korean Cuisine Hanjeongsik
Hotel Jeju With Hotel (Local 4 stars Hotel) or similar category
Jeju Island

Breakfast serve at hotel, visit the Seongsan Sunrise Peak (hike up to crater closed on first Monday of every month), where you can enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings. Explore Seongup Folk Village, a folk and history museum with miniature display of traditional villages.

Thereafter, visit to Seopjikoji is located at the east side of Jeju Island, one of the filming site of the popular Korean drama serial on 2003, "All-In" which it starring by Lee Byung-hun and Song Hye-kyo. You can walk all the way up to the "All In House". To visit this "All In House", it requires separate admission fee cost WON 3,000 per adult by own expenses. 

The next sight & photo spot is the Dodu-dong Rainbow Coastal Road. The road here is wide, so many people park along the side of the road and get out to take pictures. The roadside blocks are painted in pastel tones of the rainbow, earning this road its name. Simply standing in front of or on top of the blocks will make for a pretty picture, but try posing with one foot out, for a photo that appears to have been caught mid-step. 

Next, you will visit Iho Tewoo Beach & Horse Lighthouses, is one of Jeju’s beaches are beautiful both in the day and at night. Among these, there are beaches that are loved by many travelers. Iho Tewoo Beach is one such popular spot for photographers, travelers, locals… pretty much everyone. The red pony and the white pony lighthouses exude an exotic feel, especially when contrasted with the vast expanse of white sand.

Thereafter, proceed to Yongduam Rock or “Dragon Head Rock”, an unsual lavaformation that look like a roaring dragon rising from the sea into the sky. After that, visit Mysterious Road, experience the strange phenomenon of going uphill when your vehicle’s engine is turned off. Dinner will be served at local restaurant, then back to hotel for rest.

Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast in hotel, Lunch: Jeju Black Pork Bulgogi, Dinner: Abalone Seafood Steamboat
Hotel Jeju With Hotel (Local 4 stars Hotel) or similar category
Jeju Island - Seoul - Incheon (Departure)

Breakfast serve at hotel, flight back to Seoul. Upon arrival transfer to Incheon international airport for flight departure.

Flight Domestic Flight (luggage up to 15kg) (flight schedule to be advise upon reservation)
Transfer Travel by Coach or Van (depend of group size)
Meals Breakfast in hotel
仁川(抵达)- 首尔

抵达仁川国际机场后,机场接驳巴士前往住宿地点。入住时间为下午1300- 1500PM之间。

入住酒店后, 自由活动。


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 膳食自理
Hotel : LuceBridge酒店- 当地4星酒店或同级酒店
首尔 - 江原道华川县 - 首尔

酒店早餐后,启程前往江原道(车程—约2++小时左右)。抵达后,游览南怡岛(含船游),是著名韩剧《冬季恋歌》的拍摄地。南怡岛一年四季景色宜人,春天季节, 各个不同的花草,秋季地上会铺满了金色的银杏叶和红色的枫叶,冬天更是一片白雪皑皑,让人仿佛又重回剧中情节。岛上凡是能听到音乐的地方都在放《冬季恋歌》里面的歌曲。

午餐返回首尔后,游览南山公园的爱情锁墙和外观首尔塔(不含缆车及登塔)。这里是著名韩剧《来自星星的你》拍摄场地之一, 也是韩国的标志性地标和代表性的旅游景点。


Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店,午餐:韩式烤煮鸡餐,晚餐:自理
Hotel : LuceBridge酒店- 当地4星酒店或同级酒店
首尔 - 京畿道 - 首尔



5 月底到 6 月中旬可能是采摘樱桃,每人可采摘 400 克
6 月底至 8 月中旬可能是采摘蓝莓,每人可采摘 500 克
8 月中旬至 10 月中旬可能是采摘葡萄,每人可采摘 500 克



Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店早餐:酒店,午餐:自助烧烤,晚餐:自理
Hotel : LuceBridge酒店- 当地4星酒店或同级酒店
首尔 - 宫殿, 咖啡馆和购物之旅



Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店,午餐:韩式人参鸡汤,晚餐:自理
Hotel : LuceBridge酒店- 当地4星酒店或同级酒店
首尔 - 济州岛


Flight : 国内航班(行李限量15公斤)(航班时间会另行通知)
Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店, 午餐: 自费, 晚餐: 韩定食
Hotel : Jeju With 酒店- 当地4星酒店或同级酒店



下一个必去景点和必拍点是道头洞彩虹海岸道路 。路如其名,这条路一侧的防护石被漆成了五颜六色的马卡龙彩虹色,光是看着就会令人 心情愉悦,而且不管怎么拍效果都会棒棒的。 

接下来,将必去梨湖木筏海岸木马灯塔,这里是济州岛众多美丽海滩其中之一,无论白天或者傍晚时分都很漂亮, 也是摄影师、旅行者、当地人……几乎所有人都喜欢的地方。 亭亭玉立的红小马和白小马灯塔散发着异国风情,尤其是与广袤的白沙形成对比, 已成为梨湖的标志, 休闲拍照打卡的好去处!

最后,前往体验—神奇之路,它是一段斜坡路,放在路面上的空瓶会沿着上坡滑动,拉开手闸的汽车也会自动沿上坡行进,这其实是种视觉错觉。斜坡因周围的丘陵和树木等环境,在视觉上给人一种上坡的感觉,被称为“违反地心引力的神奇奥秘”。 晚餐后,返回酒店休息。

Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店内,午餐:济州黑毛猪烤肉大餐,晚餐:济州鲍鱼海鮮风味火锅
Hotel : Jeju With 酒店- 当地4星酒店或同级酒店
济州岛 - 首尔 - 仁川(出境)


Flight : 国内航班(行李限量15公斤)(航班时间会另行通知)
Transfer : 乘搭旅游巴士或其它旅车(以团体人数为安排)
Meals : 早餐:酒店
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Trip Inclusive
  • 06 nights' accommodation stay in Seoul
  • Daily breakfast at hotel/ local restaurant, 03 lunches & 02 dinners
  • Round trip airport-hotel transfer
  • 05 full days sightseeing & shopping tour
  • Chinese Speaking Tour Guide or Driver Guide during day tour
  • Share Service if 2 to go
  • Private Service if 10 to go
  • Domestic flight & airport taxes from Seoul - Jeju Island - Seoul (share service)
Trip Exclude
  • International air ticket
  • Individual expenses
  • Hotel porter tipping
  • Service tipping for tour or driver guide (pay in Korea) - USD 49 or KRW59000
Trip Mandatory
Agency Collection Fee 30.00 30.00
Optional Addon
Infant below 24 months subject to minor charges as domestic flight Seoul - Jeju Island - Seoul involved 163.50 163.50
General Terms
  • Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice and/or upon hotel confirmation. This may be due to any special event and any immediate room surcharges implied by the hotel.
  • No refunds are given for any unused portion of this package or during tour.
  • An infant is not charged; hence no seat / no bed is allocated to infants. Child rate applies if a seat is required for airport transfer. Additional rate applies for hotel baby cot request.
  • The above itinerary is for reference only and visiting sequence may be different, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.
  • 12fly of Malaysian Harmony shall not be liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes beyond its control, such losses and expenses shall be borne by the clients.
  • Others 12fly terms & conditions applies.
Payment Terms
  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 500 per person
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: 01 March 2022 until 30 November 2022
  • Red Alert Period: Special date or any festival day or public holiday in Korea subject to transport & hotel further surcharge upon send in booking
  • Suggestion flight route: Kuala Lumpur - Seoul Incheon International Airport - Kuala Lumpur
  • The above rates require a minimum of 02 or 10 persons per booking, strictly no apply for single traveler.
  • Child rates based on aged 03 -12 years old.
  • The above rates are valid for Malaysian passport; surcharge might apply for foreigner passport, subject to individual hotel surcharge
  • Above Seoul hotel rates are strictly applicable for packages' extension nights only, without breakfast.
  • For extra or extension night with us or own hotel arrangement, chargeable for airport-hotel or hotel- airport transfer
  • All hotels based on similar class, final hotel confirmation will advise 1-2 days before departure date
  • Advance booking required at least 14 working days before departure

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