5天4晚罗马, 那不勒斯, 庞贝城, 索伦托 & 卡普里
MP_PULCINELLA 5D4N ROME 01 APR 2020 - 31 OCT 2020

Tour depart Rome daily.


Discover the top destinations on the Italian coast on this 5-day tour from Rome. Visit the historical city of Naples, take in the archaeological and volcanic ruins of UNESCO-listed Pompeii, enjoy the seaside town of Sorrento and travel by boat to the island of Capri. A mix of guided tours and free time provide an ideal introduction to this must-see part of Southern Italy.

Rome - Naples - Pompeii - Sorrento

Self arrangement to Via Einaudi in front of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri Church (near Metro A line stop "Repubblica") for tour departure point. Tour depart at 7.30am | Selected centrally located Hotels pickup to departure point available upon request (B&Bs and apartments are not served). The pickup service starts at 6:30am. 

We will begin our journey down the “Highway of the Sun”, crossing the regions of Lazio and Campania. Our first stop is Naples - where you will take a short panoramic tour to discover its beauty, a world-renowned city home to incredible views of the Mediterranean, Mount Vesuvius, and countless historic sites.
After stopping for a traditional Italian lunch (Neapolitan Pizza), we will make our way to the UNESCO archaeological site of Pompeii, with skip the line entrance and a guided tour. We will spend the afternoon exploring this once thriving city that was frozen in time by layers of volcanic ash. The haunting ruins of Pompeii will remain etched in your memory.

After the visit, you’ll leave Pompeii and be driven to the “Costa Sorrentina” to reach Sorrento. There, you’ll have a dinner (dress code requested) and an overnight stay. 

NOTE: Must contact 24 hours prior to departure to reconfirm departure time and/or hotel pick up time (Details and contacts will be provide once booking has been made and confirm) | Each traveller is allowed a maximum of 1 x hand carry/bag + 1 x luggage (max 24 inch) | Dinner dress code: jacket and long trousers | Rates do not include city taxes, which you will pay directly to the hotels upon check-in or check-out, according to local procedure.

Transfer Travel by Coach
Meals Lunch, Dinner
Hotel Tourist Hotel: Central or Cristina or similar | First Hotel: Michelangelo or similar

Whole day at leisure.

Spend a leisurely day exploring Sorrento, the jewel of the Sorrentine Peninsula that is famous for the cultivation of oranges, lemon and olive trees.

Local Tips:-

  • Sorrento City Train Tour - Travel through the old part of town, the Harbor, the city center and stopping at the panoramic terraces overlooking the sea.
  • Cathedral of Sorrento (Duomo) - With its beautiful clock tower, the Cathedral of Sorrento is easily recognizable and is centrally located on the Corso Italia, the main thoroughfare in the heart of Sorrento.
  • Piazza Tasso - is undoubtedly the hub of activity in Sorrento and a great location to find a seat and get off your feet for a spell. The piazza is surrounded by shops, cafes, fruit stands and horse drawn carriages waiting to take visitors on a leisurely tour of Sorrento.
  • Take a walk down to the Marina Grande and Marina Piccola for a different perspective on Sorrento. The easy walk down the cliff will be not so easy on the return trip but it’s worth the effort.
  • Shopping in Sorrento can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Visitors will find a wide variety of small shops offering everything from leather goods and ceramics to jewelry, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and anything lemon.
  • Find the Church and Cloister of San Francesco and admire its arches and architecture, which date back to the fourteenth century. 
  • Taking part in a Lemon Farm Tour will help you learn all about the production of some of Sorrento’s most famous foods – including lemons and olive oil – which are staples in this part of the world!

Dinner at hotel (dress code requested).

Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Tourist Hotel: Central or Cristina or similar | First Hotel: Michelangelo or similar
Sorrento - Capri

After breakfast and check out hotel. Around 8-9am head to the Marina Piccola (Sorrento Port) to start your excursion tour to Capri. Though the exact itinerary on your tour may vary, your guide will ensure you experience the best of this stunning Mediterranean island.
You’ll take a boat ride to the popular “Grotta Azzura” (Blue Grotto), where the sunlight passes into an underwater cavity and shines through the seawater, creating a magical blue reflection. This iconic natural wonder is a fantastic photo opportunity.

After docking at the island's port, transfer to a minibus with your guide for a scenic drive (roughly 20 min) to the village of Anacapri with some free time to explore. Reconvene with your guide and board your minibus to the chic town of Capri, known for its designer shops, elegant hotels and busy little lanes that wind between traditional whitewashed buildings. After lunch, you can take advantage of some free time to explore Capri at your leisure.

In the afternoon, you will check in at your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

NOTE: Grotto Azzura depending on weather conditions | Rates do not include city taxes, which you will pay directly to the hotels upon check-in or check-out, according to local procedure.

Transfer Travel by Coach and Ferry/Boat
Meals Breakfast, Lunch
Hotel Toursit Hotel: La Bouganville or similar | First Hotel: La Floridiana or similar

Whole day at leisure.

Set out early to discover the beauty of Capri at you own pace. Explore the many shops and restaurants of this wonderful island or take  swim in the gulf of Naples.

If the excursion to the Blue Grotto was not possible on Day 3 due to sea conditions, you may choose to take the row boat excursion today.

Local Tips :-

  • Stop in the famed main square, known as the Piazzetta, and while away a few minutes at one of the outdoor café tables to indulge in a bit of people watching or for an aperitivo cocktail in the evening, a visit to the Piazzetta is a must.
  • From Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, you can can take the chairlift up to the peak of Mount Solaro where you can take in the view from the top, snap pictures, and stop for a drink at the "La Canzone del Cielo" café.
  • From the Piazzetta, walk down towards the Hotel Quisisana, making sure to window shop at the luxury boutiques along the way. Once you turn the corner, you'll find yourself on the bright, silent Via Tragara.
  • The best way to end your day on the island of Capri is with a romantic dinner with a view or a traditional dinner featuring island specialties. Don't forget to sample the traditional local dishes ravioli capresi, filled with caciotta cheese and marjoram, and torta caprese, made with chocolate and almonds.
  • At the southeast tip of Capri, a terrace on the promontory of Punta Tragara overlooks the south coast and the three sea stacks known as the Faraglioni. The view sweeps from the mainland Amalfi peninsula to Monte Castiglione, with its castle, and down to the bay of Marina Piccola.
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Toursit Hotel: La Bouganville or similar | First Hotel: La Floridiana or similar
Capri - Naples/Sorrento - Rome

After breakfast at your hotel, do some last minute sightseeing or shopping in Capri.

Hotel standard check out time 10am.

Between 16:00 - 16.30pm in the afternoon board on the ferry to Naples/Sorrento and then you will head to Rome. Tour will come to an end and approximately 9.00pm arrival in Rome with drop off at original departure point on Day 1.

Transfer Travel by Ferry and Coach
Meals Breakfast
罗马 - 那不勒斯 - 庞贝城 - 索伦托

自行安排前往圣玛丽亚教堂(Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri Church)(在地铁A线车站“ Repubblica”附近)前的Via Einaudi作旅游出发点。 游览于7.30am开车| 可应要求提供位于市中心的精选酒店接客服务(不提供B&B和公寓)。 接送服务于上午6:30开始。

我们将沿着“太阳高速公路”开始穿越拉齐奥和坎帕尼亚地区。 我们的第一站是那不勒斯-您将在短途全景游中发现它的美丽,这座举世闻名的城市住宅享有地中海,维苏威火山和无数历史古迹的壮丽景色。

接着将停下来享用传统的意大利午餐(那不勒斯比萨饼)后,我们将前往排队的庞贝古迹,并跳过排队入口和导游的陪同下游览。 我们将花一个下午的时间探索这座曾经繁华的城市,这座城市被火山灰层及时冻结。 庞贝古城的遗迹将刻在您的记忆中。

参观之后,您将离开庞贝,然后被带到“索伦托海岸”到达索伦托。 在那里,您将享用晚餐(要求着装要求)和住一晚。

备注必须在出发前24小时联系以再次确认出发时间和/或酒店接送时间(预订和确认后将提供详细信息和联系方式)| 每个旅客最多可携带1 件手提行李/袋+ 1 件行李(最大24英寸)| 晚餐着装要求:外套和长裤| 房价不包括城市税,您将根据当地程序在入住或退房时直接向酒店支付。

Transfer : 游览车
Meals : 午餐,晚餐
Hotel : 旅客酒店:Central 或 Cristina 或同级 |First 酒店:Michelangelo或同级




 • 索伦托市火车之旅 - 穿越城镇的老城区,港口,市中心,然后停留在俯瞰大海的全景露台。
 • 索伦托大教堂 -索伦托大教堂拥有美丽的钟楼,很容易辨认位于索伦托中心主要通道科索意大利(Corso Italia)的中心。
 • 塔索广场 -无疑是索伦托的活动中心,并且是个绝佳的位置。 广场周围遍布商店,咖啡馆,水果摊和马拉车,等待着游客悠闲地游览索伦托。
 • 漫步到Marina Grande和Marina Piccola以索伦托的不同视角。 轻松地走下悬崖在回程就不会那么容易了,但是这是值得付出的。
 • 在索伦托购物可以是一个有趣的消磨时间方式。 旅客们会发现各种各样的小商店,从皮革制品,陶瓷到珠宝首饰,当地种植的水果和蔬菜以及柠檬,可以说应有尽有。
 • 寻找圣弗朗切斯科教堂和回廊,欣赏其拱门和建筑,其历史可追溯至14世纪。
 • 参加柠檬农场之旅能帮助到您了解索伦托一些最著名的食品的生产方法,其中包括柠檬和橄榄油,毕竟它们是世界的主食一部分!


Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : 旅客酒店:Central 或 Cristina 或同级 |First 酒店:Michelangelo或同级
索伦托 - 卡普里

早餐后,上午8点至9点左右前往Marina Piccola(索伦托港),开始游览卡普里岛。 虽然你的行程可能会有所不同,但是您的导游将确保您体验这是个美丽的地中海小岛的最佳体验。
您将乘船前往颇受欢迎的“ Grotta Azzura”(蓝色洞穴),在那里阳光直射到水下的空腔中并透过海水,产生神奇的蓝色反射。 这个标志性的自然奇观是绝佳的拍照机会。

在岛上的港口停靠后,在导游的陪同下乘坐小巴前往阿纳卡普里村,进行风景优美的车程大约20分钟,并会留一些自由时间。 重新与您的向导会合后乘坐小巴前往时尚的卡普里镇,这镇以优雅的商店设计,酒店和繁忙的小巷而闻名,在传统的粉刷建筑物之间蜿蜒。 午餐后,您可以利用一些空闲时间休闲地探索卡普里岛。


备注Grotta Azzurra视天气情况而定 | 房价不包括城市税,您将根据当地程序在入住或退房时直接向酒店支付。


Transfer : 游览车和船
Meals : 早餐,午餐
Hotel : 旅客酒店:La Bouganville或同级 | First 酒店:La Floridiana 或同级


建议尽早出发,以自己的节奏发现卡普里岛的美丽。 探索这个美丽岛屿上的许多商店和餐馆,或在那不勒斯海湾畅游。



 • 停在著名的主广场Piazzetta,然后建议在户外咖啡桌旁呆几分钟,一边沉迷于在电视或品尝开胃酒,一边参观Piazzetta
 • 您可以从Anacapri的维多利亚广场(Piazza Vittoria)乘缆车到达索拉罗山(Mount Solaro)的山顶,从那里可以欣赏到山顶景色,拍摄照片,然后在 La Canzone del Cielo咖啡厅停下来喝一杯咖啡或其他饮料。
 • Piazzetta出发,朝酒店奎西萨纳(Hotel Quisisana)步行,并确保沿途在豪华精品店逛街。 转过弯后,您将会发现自己在明亮又安静的Via Tragara大街上。
 • 在卡普里岛上结束一天的最好方式是享用浪漫的美景晚餐或传统的特色岛屿晚餐。 别忘了品尝一下传统的当地美食,馄饨卡普雷西充满了巴西干酪和马郁兰,以及由巧克力和杏仁制成的tort caprese
 • 在卡普里的东南端,蓬塔特拉加海角上的露台俯瞰着南海岸和三座被称为Faraglioni的海堆。 从阿马尔菲大陆半岛一直延伸到拥有城堡的蒙特卡斯蒂廖内,再到玛丽娜·皮科拉(Marina Piccola)海湾。

Meals : 早餐
Hotel : 旅客酒店:La Bouganville或同级 | First 酒店:La Floridiana 或同级
卡普里 - 那不勒斯/索伦托 - 罗马



在下午4点都下午4:30左右乘轮渡前往那不勒斯/索伦托,然后您将前往罗马。 旅程将结束,大约晚上9点抵达罗马,并在第一天的出发点下车。

Transfer : 船/游览车
Meals : 早餐
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Trip Inclusive
  • 2 nights accommodation in Sorrento
  • 2 nights accommodation in Capri
  • Daily breakfast, 2 Lunches and 2 Dinners
  • Full day excursion to Naples and Pompeii with Skip the line entrance and guided tour
  • Full day Capri excursion including visit to Blue Grotto with Local English speaking guide
  • Transportation by coaches and ferries based on share service
Trip Exclude
  • International and/or Domestic air ticket
  • Personal Expenses and Travel Insurance
  • Lunches, dinners, morning and afternoon tea, boat/ferry cruises, visit and entrance fees other than those specified on trip pages.
  • No Compulsary Tipping - If you feel your Local/Tour Guide and Driver has delivered an outstanding level of service throughout your trip you may wish to tip them.
  • City Taxes - 3.5 to 4 star hotels:- The fees applied will be approx EUR €2.00-€3.00 for hotel in Sorrento and EUR €4.00-€5.00 for hotel in Capri. City Tax based on per person per night. This tax must be paid by the guests directly to the hotel before the end of the stay.
General Terms
  • Rates quoted based on dynamic pricing and are subject to change without prior notice and/or upon confirmation.
  • Package tour seat and hotel room are subject to availability.
  • The itinerary is for reference only and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.
  • No bookings are accepted less than 40 working days prior to departure.
  • No refunds are given for any unused portion of this package or during tour.
  • Full payment is required in order for process booking if booking received less than 50 working days prior to departure. Seats subject to available.
  • 12fly of Malaysian Harmony shall not be liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes beyond its control, such losses and expenses shall be borne by the clients.
  • Others 12fly terms & conditions applies.
Payment Terms
  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 1000.00 per person.
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: April until October 2020 (Travel must be completed by 31 October 2020).
  • Children age 0-2 yrs is not charged on land arrangement |Child 3 years and above apply adult price.
  • Hotels City Taxes are subject to change and has to be paid upon check in/out.
  • Please ask for prices on extra night accommodation.
  • Important Notes: Due to the frequent change of transportation and the type of transportation used, Each traveller allow to carry/bring on-board:- 1 x hand carry/bag + 1 x luggage (max 24 inch), as the luggage handling can provoke several difficulties and often may be lost or damages. In the eventuality of extra luggage clients will be charge directly.
  • Important Notes: Must call 24 hours before the tour starts to reconfirm departure time and/or pickup time. Details and contacts will be provide once booking has been made and confirm.

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