9 天 8 晚 瑞士 - 苏黎世,日内瓦,因特拉肯,基亚索,卢塞恩,费尔德基希,莱茵&拉珀斯威尔
EP_28790 9D8N ZURICH 01 APR 2024 - 24 MAR 2025

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Zurich (Arrival)

Welcome to Zurich. On arrival at the airport we shall be waiting to transfer you to the hotel.

Hotel standard check in time 2pm. You can enjoy free time until your tour starts, information about the meeting place and start time can be found on the information boards in the hotel reception area.

NOTE: IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS on arrival at the hotel you will have your booking made but the guide of your trip will normally not arrive until the start of the included activities. YOUR TIME BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS THEREFORE FREE AT OWN LEISURE. At your hotel they can help you with all the information you need. | The schedules you will find in this itinerary are approximate. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the circuit, may adjust the schedules.

Transfer by Airport shuttle
Hotel Aja Zurich Das City Resort or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Zurich - Berne - Greiburg - Nyon - Yvoire - Geneva

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Berne. Boat to cross Leman lake. Dinner included.

0800AM Zürich Departure - Pleasant countryside along our way. Berne Arrival - We are in the capital of the country, and one of Switzerland’s most beautiful historic cities. In the bus, we will climb to the Rose Garden for a view of the city from its viewpoint. After this, there will be time to stroll and for lunch.

We leave for French-speaking Switzerland. Freiburg - A historic bilingual city with a pleasant monumental centre.

Nyon – Arrival in this small town from Roman times, on the shore of the lake. After time to stroll, we include a boat trip of around 20 minutes on Lake Leman at 16.40hrs, to cross to France;  this is a regular boat that will give us a chance to enjoy the lake.

Yvoire - Arrival in this beautiful mediaeval village on the shore of the lake, with its fortified gates, its castle and its streets full of flowers.

Geneva, arrival at the hotel, which is normally in the French-speaking area of the city.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Adonis Excellior Grand or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Geneva - Gruyere - Leysin

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Geneva, Vineyards Landscapes, entrance to Chillon Castle, Visit to Cailler chocolate factory.

After breakfast, we include a panoramic tour of Geneva with a local guide; this city on Lake Leman hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations, the International Labour organisation, the Red Cross and numerous other headquarters of international bodies. We see these points from our bus and will have a chance to stroll around the ancient city.

Departure after lunch. Our road follows the shore of Lake Leman. Amidst magnificent vineyards (an area declared UNESCO World Heritage). 

Magnificent mountain scenery; we cross areas of pretty villages with wooden architecture. Gruyere – In the centre of the area of production of the famous cheese, Gruyere is a very picturesque walled tourist village. Very near to Gruyere are some of the main Chocolate manufacturers of Switzerland (NESTLÉ among them). We visit the Cailler factory, with a sweet tasting included!

Gruyere - Departure through mountainous regions and beautiful Swiss villages.

Chillon Castle, Arrival at this fantastic mediaeval castle built in the waters of the lake. Tickets included.

Leysin, arrival in this pretty holiday village with spectacular views of the Rhône plain and Mont Blanc, known for its winter sports resort or its hiking possibilities. Dinner included.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Landhaus or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Leysin - Glacier 3000 - Interlaken - Meiringen - Chiasso

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Mountain scenery, cable car in Glacier 3000 and walk along a path in the Alps. Entrance to Aareschlucht gorge.

Leysin departure - High mountain landscapes of great beauty surround us where you will be able to see ice and snow during most of the year.

We will take the cable car up to the Glacier 3000 mountain station, one of the most spectacular points in Switzerland where, from its terraces you, will be able to contemplate different panoramic views of the alpine landscapes. You can walk on the suspension bridge over the gap between two mountain peaks, enter the Ice Cathedral or "play" in the Fun Park.

Departure to Interlaken through beautiful mountain and lake scenery. Interlaken, a small town situated between two lakes and dominated by an impressive mountain scenery. Time for lunch.

Meringen - Arrival. After a coffee stop in the town we include the entrance to the Aareslucht Gorges, an impressive path into the gorge. Aareslucht – We leave with the bus taking one of the most spectacular mountain roads to the region of Switzerland where the official language is Italian.

Accommodation in Chiasso, a Swiss city on the Italian border.

NOTE: Due to weather conditions (strong wind) or maintenance, the cable car may not operate at any time. If that assumption happens, we would try to offer an alternative lift to another similar point.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Movenpick or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Chiasso - Lugano - Burglen - Lucerne

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Beautiful landscapes with mountains and lakes. Visit the village that was made famous through William Tell.

0800AM Chiasso Departure. Lugano – arrival to the cosmopolitan capital of the Italian Switzerland with its beautiful lake. Time to stroll.

We continue on the highway, crossing the mountains to get back to German-speaking Switzerland.

Bürglen - Time to stroll in the tiny village where William Tell was born, we shall see the chapel of the XVI century with paintings illustrating his life. If you want, you can also visit the museum of William Tell.

Altdorf – Arrival to this nice city. In its central square you will also find traces of the history of William Tell. Time for a walk and lunch.

At Lucern – free time to explore this beautiful city by the lake that bears its name.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Holiday Inn Express Luzern-Kriens or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Lucerne - Vaduz - Feldkirch

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Baroque Abbey. Heidi’s Village. Journey through beautiful landscapes.

0830AM Lucerne departure. We surround the lake of the four cantons. Einsiedeln - Its immense baroque abbey is the main point of pilgrimage in Switzerland. You can visit it and walk around the city.

We continue towards the East of Switzerland to the border of Liechtenstein and Austria. Mainfeld - The village which inspired Heidi’s story that perhaps you know by the popular cartoons. A walk in its historic center after which we will be visiting Heidi’s House (Ticket not included. Entry to the facility is free), a picturesque place with beautiful landscapes that we will reach through a pedestrian path.

We enter into the small independent country of Liechtenstein. Vaduz - With its castle that rises on a steep hill in the middle of the city. Time to walk and have lunch.

Feldkirch - In Austria, in the border with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany; Charming walled town with beautiful medieval old town and castle. Free time and accommodation.

NOTE: Tonight we stay in Feldkirch, a small town located in Austria next to the Swiss border. Don´t forget to bring Euros, you will need them in Feldkirck and tomorrow in Mainau.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Central Lowen or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Feldkirch - St Gallen - Constance - Zurich

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Constanza Lake. Botanic Gardens. Rhein Waterfalls. Fantastic scenery. 

0815AM Feldkirch - Departure. We enter to Switzerland again. St Gallen - whose center is part of the World Heritage List by UNESCO with a wonderful cathedral and its historic center.

We follow Lake Constance, between Germany and Switzerland. Constance - Time to stroll through this elegant city.

Island of Mainau - Access by pedestrian bridge. We include the entrance to know its beautiful botanical garden. Time for lunch.

Stein Am Rhein - A typical village on the Rhein River with precious houses with painted walls. Rhein Waterfalls (entry included), the waterfalls with the most abundant flow in Europe.

We continue to Zurich.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour.
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Aja Zurich Das City Resort or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Zurich - Rapperswill - Zurich

TODAY’S HIGHTLIGHT: Cruise on the Lake Zurich. Train.

We will leave the hotel on this peaceful day. With our guide, we will take a walk around the most populated city of Switzerland, which is also the country’s financial and cultural capital. The city of banks as been twice declared the city with the best quality of life in the world.   We start our almost two-hour cruise on Lake Zurich. The boat makes brief stops to allow us to admire the villages along the way. At the Rapperswill, a small and picturesque village overlooked by its mediaeval castle. Time for a stroll and lunch.

After lunch time at Rapperswill, We return to Zurich by train, and will see the efficiency and punctuality of the Swiss railways. We will reach Zurich in a little under 35 minutes. Rest of the afternoon free.

NOTE: Our stage today is different; we travel across Lake Zurich by boat and return by train. The transfers from the hotel to the centre may also be done on public transport (depending on the total number of participants). The indicated timetables of the boat we use may change (the itinerary may be adapted accordingly). 

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Aja Zurich Das City Resort or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Zurich (Departure)

After breakfast, end of our services.

Self arrangement to airport or may add in additional service (optional) for hotel-airport transfer. Check the time of your flight in case you need an additional night.

Transfer (Add on Package Optional)
Meals Breakfast
苏黎世 (抵达)




Transfer : 机场班车
Hotel : Aja Zurich Das City Resort 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表


0800AM 苏黎世出发 - 沿途宜人的乡村。伯尔尼到达 - 我们在该国的首都,也是瑞士最美丽的历史名城之一。我们将乘坐巴士前往伯尔尼的玫瑰园,可以俯瞰伯尔尼城。在此之后,将有时间散步和吃午饭。

我们前往讲法语的瑞士。弗里堡 - 一座历史悠久的双语城市。

尼永——位于日内瓦湖之上,从古罗马时期就存在的小镇。闲逛后,我们将在1640时在日内瓦湖乘船游览约 20 分钟,前往法国;游船的过程中可以让我们有机会欣赏湖景。

伊瓦尔 - 抵达位于湖畔边缘的中世纪村​​庄,那里有坚固的大门、城堡和鲜花盛开的街道。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Adonis Excellior Grand 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
日内瓦-格鲁耶尔- 莱森





格鲁耶尔- 穿越山区和美丽的瑞士村庄。



Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Landhaus 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
莱森-冰川 3000-因特拉肯-迈林根-基亚索

今日亮点:山景、冰川 3000 缆车以及沿着阿尔卑斯山的小径漫步。进入阿勒河峡谷。

莱森出发 - 我们周围环绕着美丽的高山景观,一年中的大部分时间您都可以在那里看到冰雪。

我们将乘坐缆车前往 Glacier 3000 山站,这是瑞士最壮观的景点之一,驻足冰川3000各处观景台,无障碍欣赏24座海拔4000余米的冰雪高山,将艾格峰、僧侣峰、少女峰、马特宏峰、大孔班峰尽收眼底,极目眺望高峻巍峨的勃朗峰。走出缆车站台,迎接你的将是天梭巅峰漫步,它是全球首座连通两处山巅的悬浮人行桥


迈林- 到达。在镇上喝了杯咖啡后,我们将进入了阿勒河峽,这是一条令人印象深刻的峡谷之路。阿勒河峽 我们将乘坐巴士离开,沿着最壮观的山路之一前往官方语言为意大利语的瑞士地区。



Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Movenpick 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表

今日亮点:风景秀丽,有山有湖。 参观因威廉泰尔而闻名的村庄。

0800AM 基亚索出发。 卢加诺 - 抵达意大利语区的瑞士的国际首都,拥有美丽的湖泊。 是时候逛逛了。


比格伦山 - 是时候在威廉·泰尔出生的小村庄漫步了,我们将看到十六世纪的小教堂,里面有描绘他生平的画作。 如果您愿意,您还可以参观威廉泰尔博物馆。

阿爾特多 抵达这座美丽的城市。 在其中央广场,您还可以找到威廉泰尔历史的痕迹。 是时候散步和吃午饭了。

在卢塞恩 - 空闲时间探索这座以其名字命名的湖边美丽城市。

Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Holiday Inn Express Luzern-Kriens 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
DAY6 卢塞恩-瓦都茲-费尔德基希

0830AM 卢塞恩出发。我们围绕着四个州的湖。艾因西德伦 - 有一座壮观的修道院,是瑞士最重要的圣母玛利亚朝圣之地。您可以参观并在城市中漫步。


我们进入列支敦士登这个独立的小国。瓦都兹 - 其城堡矗立在城市中心的陡峭山丘上。是时候城市中漫步和吃午饭了。

费尔德基希- 在奥地利,与瑞士、列支敦士登和德国接壤;迷人的围墙小镇,拥有美丽的中世纪老城和城堡。自由时间和在当地住宿。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Central Lowen 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表

今日亮点:康斯坦茨 植物园。 莱茵瀑布。 梦幻般的风景。

0815AM费尔德基希- 出发。 我们再次进入瑞士。 圣加仑 - 它的中心是联合国教科文组织世界遗产名录的一部分,拥有一座美妙的大教堂及其历史中心。

我们沿着位于德国和瑞士之间的康斯坦茨康斯坦茨 - 是时候在这座优雅的城市中漫步了。

迈瑙- 通过人行天桥进入。 我们包括了解其植物园的入门票。 午餐时间。

莱茵河畔施泰- 小镇施泰因位于博登湖与莱茵河的交汇处,因保存完好、富有古镇特色的壁画以及半木结构的房屋而著名。 莱茵瀑布(含门票),是欧洲目前流量最大的瀑布。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Aja Zurich Das City Resort 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表



拉珀斯维午餐后,我们乘坐火车返回苏黎世,将看到瑞士铁路的效率和准时性。我们将在 35 分钟内到达苏黎世。下午的时间自由活动。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Aja Zurich Das City Resort 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表



Transfer : (可额外安排)
Meals : 早餐
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  • Daily buffet breakfast and 1 dinners
  • City tour in: Geneva
  • Boat: Leman lake, Zurich Lake |Train: Rapperswill- Zurich | Funicular: cable car to Glacier 3000
  • Ticket admission: Chillon castle, Cailler chocolate factory, Aareslucht gorges, botanic garden in Mainau, Rhine Waterfalls
  • English speaking guide and separate driver, travel by air-conditioned coach
  • Airport transfers are provided on arrival
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