5天4夜 悉尼歌剧院&蓝山

Valid for daily arrival at Sydney.

Share Service/Seat In Coach

2 To Go Ground Package (minimum 2 adults per booking).

Sydney (Arrival)

Arrive Sydney airport. Self arrangement to hotel or may add in additional service (optional) for airport transfer.

Hotel standard check-in time 1400PM. 

Sydney has a style all its own. With world famous icons set amongst a dazzling harbour, a dynamic dining scene, beautiful beaches and fantastic shopping, Sydney is an unforgetable place to explore. Create your Insta stories with a start at Aqua S (George Street) order one of the famous Instagram gelato. Next, near Martin Place (Sydney CBD) seek out the whimsical installation, Forgotten Songs in Angel Place. Look up to see 120 bird cages suspended while listening to the sounds of extinct or threatened bird species.

Vivid Sydney is an annual celebration of creativity, innovation and technology, which transforms Sydney for 23 days and nights. Mark the date 24 May – 15 June 2023 in your calendar.

Transfer (Add on Package Optional) 'After exiting customs, please make your way outside to the designated meeting point which is located at Bus/Coach Bay 12. The pick up time for your transfer is approximately 60-90 minutes after your flight lands. Luggage is restricted to maximum 1 large suitcase and 1 carry-on luggage no more than 32kg per passenger..
Hotel in Sydney

Excursion tour for today:-

Sydney Opera House Tour & Dine | Depart Daily – 1hour Guided tour from 9.00am-5.00pm | The meal component of the tour is available either before or after your tour at the new House Canteen or Opera Bar between 11.30am and 6pm | Departure Point: Welcome Centre, Lower Concourse level of Sydney Opera House.

See inside the world's most recognisable 'sails' and experience this miracle of architecture and engineering. A work of art that came into existence against impossible odds to become one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world. Working with new, rich audio-visual components, where images are projected onto the fabric of the building, your guide will take you on an emotional journey, engrossing you in a story to rival any opera plot with its dramatic twists and turns. Some 1,500 performances, from opera to circus, rock and cabaret, are staged each year to audiences of around 1.5 million.

After your tour, please proceed to the Opera Bar or House Canteen With the Sydney Opera House as its backdrop and picture perfect views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is not surprising that has become a favourite Sydney experience. Dining venue must be selected at time of booking and you can enjoy your meal after your tour anytime between 11.30am and 6pm.
REMARK: Click here for the venue option.

NOTE: Opera House Tour required booking and required min of passenger to operates as this is a guide tour. Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour to allow sufficient time to cloak any large bags. This should allow enough time for the mandatory visual inspections and/or cloaking of bags and personal belongings by Opera House security staff before starting your tour. COVID-19 Vaccination Policy: The Sydney Opera House requires all visitors aged 16 years and over who enter the Opera House building to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless medically exempt).

The rest of the day at leisure.

Suggestion: You may want to experience Skywalk at Sydney Tower Eye, near Pitt Street Mall. Or to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb Sydney. Or something exciting on the Jet Boating. 

NOTE: Opera House Tour not available on Daily except 01APR24, 25APR24, 12MAY24, 10JUN24, 01SEP24, 08SEP24, 07OCT24, 05NOV24, 06DEC24, 13DEC24, 20DEC24, 25DEC24-02JAN25, 26JAN25, 09MAR25, 14MAR25-15MAR25.

Meals Lunch
Hotel in Sydney
Sydney - Blue Mountains - Sydney

Excursion tour for today

Blue Mountains Sunset Tour ( tour code BMS-S ) | Departs Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun (Apr-Sep)/Daily (Oct-Mar) at 10am (winter)/12pm (summer) or early for selected Hotels pick up | Returns Returns: 8:30pm (winter) / 10:30pm (summer) | Select inner-city pick-up and drop off points.
Includes: National Park entry fees, World Heritage-Listed area, Guided bush walks* (~2-4km, subject to fitness levels), Australian wildlife sightings, in the wild!, Hosted by an experienced driver-guide, Air-conditioned mini-coach travel, Comprehensive local tour commentary
NOTE: Please bring - 1L refillable water bottle, hat, sunglasses & sunscreen, appropriate all-weather clothing, evenings can get cold ie.windbreaker, comfortable walking shoes (tread closed-toe shoes), small day pack 5-7kg, money for snack and meals, camera to capture every moment!

Explore the changing moods of the Blue Mountains Sunset Tour in the late afternoon sunlight and capture the sunset over the rugged ranges and valleys. This tour is designed to avoid the peak hour traffic of Sydney with later departures and returns to maximise our time enjoying the stunning scenery and native forests.

  • Late morning tour departure – Avoid the crowds!
  • Enjoy the twilight magic and mystery of the Blue Mountains National Park at sunset
  • Escape to the wilderness of a World Heritage LIsted area, located in New South Wales
  • See the iconic and spectacular Three Sisters rock formation, overlooking picturesque landscapes
  • Guided bush walks along secret trails of a World Heritage Listed area
  • Amazing lookout views across Jamison Valley
  • Walk the National Pass to Wentworth Falls
  • Australian wildlife sightings in their natural habitat
Transfer by Autopia mini-coach
Hotel in Sydney

Whole day at own leisure.

If you've got a little time to spare, you’ll find many affordable cafes and restaurants in Sydney. Blu Bar on 36 is perched on the Shangri-La Hotel’s 36th floor in the historic Rocks, where Australia’s oldest pubs serve hearty meals and fine ales. For fresh produce, browse the colourful farmers markets in Sydney neighbourhoods. You can also take the light rail to the Sydney Fish Market, one of the biggest seafood markets in the world.

Addon Sydney Captain Cook Hop On Hop Off 1 day Ferry Pass - 6 stops | Departure Time : Monday to Friday: Circular Quay Wharf 6 - 9:15am, 11:00am, 12:20pm, 2:15pm, 4:10pm / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: Circular Quay Wharf 6 - 9:15am, 10:32am, 11:55am, 2:25pm, 3:50pm, 5:05pm / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: Darling Harbour King St Wharf 1 - 9:00am, 2:10pm (both pick up only) | Departure Point : Circular Quay Wharf 6 and Darling Harbour King St Wharf 1.

The Hop On Hop Off Harbour Explorer pass is the easy way for visitors to explore Sydney. These red rocket ferries criss-cross the harbour throughout the day, travelling between Circular Quay (The Rocks and Opera House), Manly, Taronga Zoo, Watsons Bay, Shark Island and Darling Harbour. Hop-on and hop-off as you like using one easy to follow timetable, rather than the maze of commuter ferry timetables. You’ll also be welcomed onboard, given full commentary and provided hints on how to make the most of your time in Sydney that only the locals know.

Start your Hop On Hop Off Harbour Explorer from the main tourist precincts of Circular Quay or Darling Harbour.

Six stops including Circular Quay (The Rocks and Opera House), Manly, Taronga Zoo, Watsons Bay, Shark Island and Darling Harbour.

NOTE: Not Included: Meals and Admission into attractions at Taronga Zoo | Closed: 25DEC, 26DEC, 26JAN.

Hotel in Sydney
Sydney (Departure)

Hotel standard check-out time 1000AM.

Self arrangement to airport or may add in additional service (optional) for hotel-airport transfer.

Transfer (Add on Package Optional) Passenger will be pick up at hotel and transfer to Airport. pick-up will be approximately 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. Luggage is restricted to maximum 1 large suitcase and 1 carry-on luggage no more than 32kg per passenger.

抵达悉尼机场。 自行安排到酒店或可以自费添加额外的机场接送服务(可选)。

酒店标准入住时间为下午 1400 点。

悉尼有自己的风格。 悉尼拥有世界著名的地标,周围环绕着令人眼花缭乱的海港、充满活力的餐饮场所、美丽的海滩和一流的购物场所,是一个令人难忘的探索之地。 从 Aqua S(乔治街)开始创建您的 Insta 故事,订购著名的 Instagram 冰淇淋之一。 接下来,在马丁广场(悉尼中央商务区)附近寻找异想天开的装置,天使广场被遗忘的歌曲。 抬头可以看到 120 个鸟笼悬挂在空中,同时聆听已灭绝或受威胁鸟类的声音。

缤纷悉尼灯光音乐节是一年一度的创意、创新和技术庆典,它改变了悉尼 23 个昼夜。 在您的日历中标记日期 2024 年 5 月 24 日至 6 月 15 日。

Transfer : (自费可选)离开海关后,请前往位于巴士/长途汽车停靠站 12 号的指定集合点。接机时间约为航班降落后 60-90 分钟后。 每位乘客最多可携带 1 个大行李箱和 1 个不超过 32 公斤的手提行李。
Hotel : 悉尼酒店


悉尼歌剧院之旅和用餐 | 每天出发 - 1 小时导览游,时间为上午 11 点 30 分、中午 12 点、中午 1 点 30 分、下午 2 点、下午 3 点和下午 3 点 30 分 | 游览的膳食部分可在游览之前或之后于上午 11 点 30 分至下午 6 点之间在新的 House Canteen 或 Opera Bar 提供 | 出发点:悉尼歌剧院下层大厅迎宾中心。

深入了解世界上最知名的“风帆”,体验建筑和工程的奇迹。 一件艺术作品在不可能的情况下诞生,成为世界上最繁忙的表演艺术中心之一。 使用新的、丰富的视听组件,将图像投射到建筑物的结构上,您的导游将带您踏上一段情感之旅,让您全神贯注于一个故事中,其戏剧性的曲折可以与任何歌剧情节相媲美。 每年为约 150 万观众上演约 1,500 场表演,从歌剧到马戏、摇滚和歌舞表演。

游览结束后,请前往 Opera Bar 或 House Canteen 以悉尼歌剧院为背景,欣赏悉尼海港大桥的完美景观,成为悉尼最受欢迎的体验也就不足为奇了。 必须在预订时选择用餐地点,您可以在游览结束后的上午 11 点 30 分至下午 6 点之间的任何时间享用餐点。


注意:歌剧院之旅需要预订,并且需要指定人数的乘客才能进行,因为这是一次导游之旅。 请在旅行前 15 分钟到达,以便有足够的时间存放大包。 在开始您的旅行之前,这应该有足够的时间让歌剧院安保人员进行强制性目视检查和/或隐藏行李和个人物品。 COVID-19 疫苗接种政策:悉尼歌剧院要求所有进入歌剧院大楼的 16 岁及以上游客全面接种 COVID-19 疫苗(除非医疗豁免)。


建议:不妨在Pitt Street Mall附近的Sydney Tower Eye体验Skywalk。 或者通过 BridgeClimb Sydney 登上悉尼海港大桥的顶端。 或者在喷射快艇上做一些令人兴奋的事情。

注意:歌剧院之旅不提供于 07APR23-11APR23, 25APR23, 14MAY23, 12JUN23, 03SEP23, 10SEP23, 21OCT23-23OCT23, 07NOV23, 01DEC23, 08DEC23, 15DEC23, 22DEC23, 25DEC23-02JAN24, 26JAN24, 14FEB24, 29MAR24.

Meals : 午餐
Hotel : 悉尼酒店
悉尼 - 蓝山 - 悉尼


蓝山日落之旅(旅游代码 BMS-S)| 周二、周四、周五、周日(4 月至 9 月)/每天(10 月至 3 月)上午 10 点(冬季)/中午 12 点(夏季)从悉尼约克街 77 号格雷斯酒店门外的主要集合点出发。 返回时间:晚上 8:30(冬季)/晚上 10:30(夏季)| 选择市内接送点。


  • 国家公园门票
  • 带导游的丛林漫步*(*2 小时步行视健康水平而定)
  • 澳大利亚野生动物目击
  • 经验丰富的司机导游
  • 空调迷你巴士旅行
  • 综合游览解说
  • 选择市内接送点

在傍晚的阳光下探索蓝山日落之旅不断变化的情绪,并在崎岖的山脉和山谷上捕捉日落。 这次旅行旨在避开悉尼的高峰时段交通,延迟出发和返回,以最大限度地利用我们的时间享受迷人的风景和原始森林。

  • 上午晚些时候出发——避开人群!
  • 在日落时分享受蓝山国家公园的暮光魔法和神秘
  • 逃离到位于新南威尔士州的世界遗产名录地区的荒野
  • 欣赏标志性壮观的三姐妹岩层,俯瞰风景如画的风景
  • 沿着世界遗产名录地区的秘密小径在丛林中漫步
  • 横跨贾米森谷的壮丽瞭望台景色
  • 步行国家山口到温特沃斯瀑布
  • 在自然栖息地发现澳大利亚野生动物
Transfer : Autopia 旅车
Hotel : 悉尼酒店


如果您有一点空闲时间,您会发现悉尼有许多价格实惠的咖啡馆和餐馆。 Blu Bar on 36 位于历史悠久的岩石区香格里拉大酒店的 36 层,澳大利亚最古老的酒吧供应丰盛的餐点和精美的啤酒。 要购买新鲜农产品,请浏览悉尼街区色彩缤纷的农贸市场。 您还可以乘坐轻轨前往悉尼鱼市场,这是世界上最大的海鲜市场之一。

Addon 悉尼库克船长随上随下 1 天渡轮通票 - 7 站 | 出发时间:环形码头从上午 9:45 开始/情人港从上午 9:30 开始——每 45 分钟一班。 | 出发地点:No. 6 Jetty, Circular Quay 或 Pier 26 Aquarium Wharf Darling Harbour。

随上随下海港探索者通票是游客探索悉尼的便捷方式。 这些红色火箭渡轮全天穿梭于海港,穿梭于八个著名站点之间,包括环形码头(岩石区和歌剧院)、塔龙加动物园、情人港、屈臣氏湾、曼利和鲨鱼岛。 使用易于遵循的时间表随上随下,而不是通勤渡轮时间表的迷宫。 您也将在船上受到欢迎,获得完整的评论,并提供只有当地人知道的如何充分利用您在悉尼的时间的提示。



注意:不包括:餐饮和塔龙加动物园景点门票 | 关闭:23 年 4 月 25 日(澳新军团日)、23 年 6 月 12 日星期一(女王生日)、23 年 10 月 2 日星期一(劳动节)、23 年 12 月 25 日星期一(圣诞节)、12 月 26 日星期二 23 日(节礼日)、31 月 23 日至 12 月 23 日星期日(新年前夜)、24 日 1 月 1 日至 24 日星期一(元旦)、24 日 1 月 26 日至 24 日星期五(澳大利亚国庆日)。 克利夫顿花园 请注意,由于克利夫顿花园码头需要进行维护,该服务已暂停,直至另行通知。

Hotel : 悉尼酒店
悉尼 (出境)

酒店标准退房时间为上午 1000 点。


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Trip Inclusive
  • 4 nights accommodation in Sydney and selected hotel included Daily Breakfast
  • Opera House Tour (1hr) and Dine (including 1 meal with drink)
  • Full day Blue Mountains Sunset & Wilderness Tour
Trip Exclude
  • International and/or Domestic air ticket
  • Personal Expenses, Travel Insurance and ETA application/service fees
  • All meals, morning and afternoon tea, boat cruises unless specified.
  • Airport - Hotel transfer
Trip Mandatory
Agent Collection Fee 30.00 30.00
Optional Addon
Round Trip Airport - CBD Hotel Transfer by Royale Shuttle Bus Per Person | Operates 6am to 6pm only | Surcharge apply for 6.01pm onward 180.10 129.70
Add on Oz Jet Boating 30mins Jet Thrill Ride Per Person | Child min age 6yrs above 273.65 198.05
Add on 1 day Hop On Hop Off Explorer Pass Per Person 132.10 94.30
Add on Sydney Bridge Summit 3hrs Day Climb Per Person | Child min age 8-14yrs | 1,048.55 475.25
Airport Shuttle Child Seat: It is a legal requirement for all infants and children under the age of 7years to be restrained in a child seat | Per Seat for Round Trip - 157.50
General Terms
  • Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice and/or upon hotel confirmation. This may be due to any special event and any immediate room surcharges implied by the hotel.
  • Hotel rooms and excursion tours are subject to availability.
  • No refunds are given for any unused portion of this package or during tour.
  • The itinerary is for reference only and visiting sequence may be different, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.
  • No bookings are accepted less than 30 working days prior to departure, due to require sufficient working days to apply australia tourist visa (ETA).
  • 12fly of Malaysian Harmony shall not be liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes beyond its control, such losses and expenses shall be borne by the clients.
  • Others 12fly terms & conditions applies.
Payment Terms
  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 500.00 per person.
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: April until September 2024 (Travel must be completed by 30 September 2024).
  • Sequence of tours at your preferable visit date (subject to availability)
  • Day tour conducted by Autopia on seat-in-coach basic. Please log in at www.autopiatours.com.au for up-to-date itinerary. Operator reserves the right to cancel tour IF don't have sufficient numbers of traveller.
  • Day Tour : Not every Day Tours coach pick up at every point/city hotels, therefore passenger/s have to make their own way to the designated pick up point/departure point.
  • Day Tour : Pick up / Drop off are at Day Tour Company discretion. Details and contacts will be provide once booking has been made and confirm.
  • Must call Autopia at +61 8624 42065 or +61 4937 70352 (WhatsApp) to re-confirm your day tour/s pick-up time and venue 24-48 hrs prior to departure, quoting the confirmation/reservation number.
  • If your coach has not arrived in 10 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time please make contact with Autopia.

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