Lijiang, a city in the northwest part of China's Yunnan province, is home to the Naxi and several other ethnic minority groups. A commercial center in the 1300s, its old town encompasses cobblestone streets, canals and Central Market Square with shops and restaurants. Black Dragon Pool has famed views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range, fronted by the Moon Embracing Pavilion.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (also known as Mount Yulong), with glaciers and 13 peaks, is traversed by cable cars, including a ride ascending to 4,500 meters. On the other side, the dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge trail runs along the Upper Yangtze River. In town, the 33m-high Wangulou wooden pavilion stands atop Lion Hill and features Dongba designs. The Mu Mansion, the reconstructed home of the Naxi ruling family, showcases traditional halls and courtyards. Traditional music is performed on original instruments at the Naxi Concert Hall. Baisha, a tiny village to the north, is known for its 55 Naxi murals

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