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Taiwan Travel With Stories Highlights 台灣民宿 跟著故事去旅行

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12fly TV - Fun and Pleasure at Koh Samui

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12fly TV - Yumi Wong at the Dynamic Busan

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  • Air New Zealand ~ The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

    Air New Zealand ~ The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

    Welcome to the middle earth!!! Here's The Most Epic Safety Video by Air New Zealand!!!{videoattach}video:qOw44VFNk8Y,border:yes,height:320,width:570{/videoattach}The "Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made" is being released ahead of the third and final film in the The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.The instructional video features cameos from several of the trilogy's stars, including Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson. Air New Zealand has a reputation for dramatic flight safety videos. Some classics include the Richard Simmons dance party, and Baywatch's David Hasselhoff riding a tiny horse.

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  • Eva Air ~ New FIT Promotion

    Eva Air ~ New FIT Promotion

    (Photo courtesy from Eva Air Facebook Fanspage)RoutingFare BasisValidityFare (MYR)Off Peak TravelKUL-TAIPEI vvQL14PRMY14 Days699NOW–20NOV2014;26DEC2014 –18FEB2015;22FEB– 22MAY2015VL14PRMY579NOW–20NOV2014;26DEC2014–31DEC201416FEB– 22MAY201548801JAN–15FEB2015 RoutingFare BasisValidityFare (MYR)Peak TravelKUL-TAIPEIvvQH14PRMY14 Days    1,07521NOV–25DEC2014;19FEB–21FEB2015,23MAY–31MAY2015NOTES:· Ticketing Period: NOW – 31OCT2014· Ticketing must be completed within 03Days after reservation are made.· Outbound date change charge MYR200 Reissuance Fees.· No Discount for Child/Infant· Non-refundable.· Other terms and conditions are available in your respective GDS system.Off Peak: NOW-20NOV2014, 01JAN-16FEB2015, 21FEB-22MAY2015, 01JUN-30JUN2015RoutingFare BasisValidityFare (MYR)KUL-LOS ANGELES ORSAN FRANCISCO vvMLX1MPMY01 Month3,065HLX1MPMY2,688QLX1MPMY2,527VLX1MPMY2,043KUL-SEATTLE vvMLX1MPMY01 Month3,118HLX1MPMY2,849QLX1MPMY2,742KUL-NEW YORK JFK vvMLX1MPMY01 Month3,925HLX1MPMY3,333QLX1MPMY2,796VLX1MPMY2,204KUL-VANCOUVER vvMLX1MPMY01 Month3,656HLX1MPMY3,333QLX1MPMY2,796VLX1MPMY2,043 Peak: 21NOV-31DEC2014, 17FEB-20FEB2015, 23MAY-31MAY2015KUL-LOS ANGELES ORSAN FRANCISCO vvMHX1MPMY01 Month3,226HHX1MPMY3,011QHX1MPMY2,796KUL-SEATTLE vvMHX1MPMY01 Month3,333HHX1MPMY3,011QHX1MPMY2,903KUL-NEW YORK JFK vvMHX1MPMY01 Month3,979HHX1MPMY3,441QHX1MPMY3,226KUL-VANCOUVER vvMHX1MPMY01 Month3,763HHX1MPMY3,441QHX1MPMY3,226NOTES:· Ticketing Period: NOW – 31OCT2014· V-Class only applicable for travel period: NOW – 20NOV2014· Other terms and conditions are available in your respective GDS systemBOOK your Tickets NOW!!! BOOK NOW!!!   

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  • Tasmania ~ Lonely Planet Top 10 Regions Best in Travel 2015

    Tasmania ~ Lonely Planet Top 10 Regions Best in Travel 2015

    RIPE FOR THE PICKING: TASMANIA IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOP REGIONS TO VISIT IN 2015 (ACCORDING TO LONELY PLANET) TASMANIA, 21 OCTOBER 2014 – When the world’s most trusted travel publisher announces internationally that Tassie is ‘ripe for the picking’ we can’t help but feel rather chuffed. Today, Lonely Planet named Tasmania one of the world’s top regions to visit in 2015 – the only destination in Australia or New Zealand to make the list. They’re literally salivating over Bruny Island oysters and modern Tasmania’s serving of wilderness, flavours, culture and events, coining Australia’s island state ‘wild and dramatic, cultured and quirky, isolated yet accessible.’Naming Tasmania as number four in the “Top 10 Regions in the World to Visit in 2015” in their Best in Travel 2015 publication, Lonely Planet says ‘the Tassie food scene is a gourmet’s paradise, best exemplified by the diversity of produce found in the wilds of Bruny Island. Whether it’s getting a frisky fill of oysters at Get Shucked Oyster Farm, downing a few glasses of pinot noir at Australia’s most southern winery, or gorging on freshly picked berries from the local berry farm, there’s no better place to taste Tassie on a plate.’“There’s a spotlight shining on Tassie at the moment, and it’s only going to get brighter following this latest announcement by Lonely Planet” said John Fitzgerald, CEO of Tourism Tasmania. “Tassie has always had so much to offer visitors who journey to Australia’s island state, and the latest accolade from Lonely Planet cements our place globally as a destination of world-class natural, cultural, heritage and gourmet experiences, all within easy reach of each other.”Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O'Sullivan, said that with three Lonely Planet accolades in the past five years, Tasmania is rapidly losing its long held status as one of Australia's 'hidden gems'. “The awards just keep coming for Tassie, and hopefully with them many more international visitors, lured by an island which epitomises some of the key strengths of Australia’s international appeal – raw, unspoilt natural beauty and incredible fresh food, wine and culinary experiences”, he said.Lonely Planet Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Director, Chris Zeiher said of the inclusion, "Sparked by the brilliant revival of super-cool Hobart, today's Tasmania is fresh, hip and inclusive. The state can boast a year-round calendar of events for all tastes; some of Australia’s most diverse, remote and wild outdoor experiences; and a gourmet scene that's nothing short of a foodie's paradise."As Lonely Planet sings international praises for Tasmania, the island state is already quietly pumping its fist in celebration of other recent accolades including the world’s best whisky, best golf links course and arguably the cleanest air on the planet. We could go on, but Lonely Planet have already deemed that Tasmania is ripe. So before all the plates are licked clean, make Tassie your pick for 2015.

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